Thursday, December 10, 2015

Where do babies come from ?

Motivated by a friend , I have decided that to revive this blog. Lets see if we do succeed. What can be better start than actually quoting a conversation between the stars of the blog.

Khushi : Mumma , Ma'am told (yeah she already goes to school and is in Jr KG) that babies come from mumma's tummy.
Me : Yes (Already thinking whats ahead)
Khushi : I want to go in your tummy !! (trying to pull up my kurta)
Me : Noooo !! (frantically trying to keep my clothes in place)  you cannot , once babies come out , they cannot go back.
Khushi : How did I come out ?
Me : Doctor took you out , they have special scissors to do that
Aryan : Khushi , you know I was also in Mumma's tummy
Khushi : Haan I know , you were pushing me all the time !!
Me : Huh !!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Signing off

Dear Readers,

Welcome here ! Thank you for being with "Times of Aryan" so far. Now that we have a new partner with equal stake in this company , we have changed the name and web address of our newspaper.

Our new address is

Hope it will not affect our relationship with you !

See you on the other side !
Happy Reading !
Editor - Times of Aryan

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Titbits about Khushi!

Even after such a long long post , there is so much I have missed.

Your kisses : The wet long kisses with your mouth open so wide that it feels like you want to swallow me up. As soon as I step in the house I have to rush to the bathroom to wash my hands and face ..rush but without making any sounds. Because the moment you hear or see me , you cry and shout to be carried and the moment I carry you , you try to swallow me up :) Its such a pleasure. You feel my face with your tiny hands and then choose between my chin and cheeks and then shower me with an unending kiss :)
Today it even happened in the morning when you woke up.

Your Little games : When one of us place a handkerchief on your face and you pull it off within seconds and smile !

Yesterday you discovered another new game actually. You were lying next to me while I was reading from my laptop. And you started shouting. So I averted my eyes to you and you started giggling loudly. It has become a game since then, whatever I am doing I have to have my eyes on you.

Your toys : I shoud post a pic of your favourite ones. We have a doremon , Tutu the turtle , Goofy the dog , Rosy the doll , singer dog who is actully nameless , a guitar and a few rattles in our favourite list and we choose and play with them as per our mood.
The doremon is blessed as he can even make us roll over. The turtle is blessed since I allow him to sit on my tummy and back :)

Your stroller: We should name it silencer. It can silence you when you are crying. As soon as you are in that you know its time for sight seeing and you happily keep quiet for that. We some times take you sight seeing from one room to another till you doze off :P

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letter to my little one-3

Its already more than 5 months dear since you popped out of your hibernation. And your lazy mum has not even written one post for you. A crime that is ! But hope you will learn to forgive me sooner than later :P

Our lives have changed since we saw you live , on 4th Oct 2011. When you were born , I could not really believe it happened. Somehow I thought the process was quicker but more painful than the first time. And when the doctor said its a girl , I thought it must all have been a dream. Has God really granted my wish ? My desperate wish to have you as a girl. I looked at your papa and asked again , its a girl ???? He said yes , but I could still not trust. After a few moments the nurse showed me your face and I felt that nothing can be cuter , prettier than this baby in the entire world. "Kitni pyari hai na ?" , I asked your father wanting nothing but an affirmation, which obviously came , as if he had a choice.

When they gave you for nursing after about 20 mins or so , I could not stop seeing you , still trying to believe that you are my girl !! A part of me asked why I am so excited and emotional , this is my second baby and I know what to expect and another part of mine said that , yes I knew , but its a girl , a pretty little one , plus I love her as much as I loved Aryan. Yeah that was one tiny fear that would come off and on ..will I be able to love my second one as much I loved Aryan? But the moment I saw you , I knew the answer.

After all the process was over and I was finally on my own , I realized that my eyes are wet with satisfaction and happiness !


Your stay in hospital was more or less uneventful. You remained a good baby just like your brother , giving me enough rest , napping peacefully , sometimes in your cradle and sometimes on my bed. I remember the scared face of the nurse when she saw you sleeping next to me. She asked me , if I can sure take care of you. She was satisfied when I told that this my second one and I will be careful not to have her hand or leg under my HUGE body :-)
And we came home on 6th Oct 2011 , Dushera. Your dadu , dadi and bhaiya greeted you with aarti and flowers. Kheer was made in your welcome and to my surprise , even I was allowed to have it :)

The first month

After 2 days of stay with dadu dadi they went to meet your 4 days elder cousin and your nani came to see you. You bonded with her so well. You would be happy in her room. Would chat endlessly with her. Would sleep next to her when I could not make you sleep. It was a pleasant sight to see you both curled on the edge of a huge double bed.

When you were barely 17 days old , you had your first flight to delhi. And you met your entire extended family except your mama mami. You met your twin cousin and it was pleasant sight to have 2 of you side by side. It was instantly concluded that you were brat and "gambhir" and she was smiling and "shaant" , as if you cared :P You continued to be a brat throughout the trip , crying at the drop of hat :) But who are we to blame you , a tiny little one anyways has a lot to adjust with and you were being exposed to so many new faces, sounds, weathers. I am proud that you braved it all !! We came back home after your first diwali and family get togethers :)

Second to fourth month

We were on our own. You and I. Your bhaiya would go to school and your papa to office. And we have a good time with each other. With no one around , I really felt you , smelt you hugged you and kissed you. We bonded like no one else. The moment I recall that this won't last when I start work , I would shudder. How will I manage without seeing you ?

You bonded so well with your brother as well. He will climb on your crib and talk to you endlessly. Or he will have you on his bed (HIS bed only) and sing "Dhingachika" to you. Sometimes you would spend an hour with each other. It was your private time and I was called only when a nappy change / burp was required. I also looked forward to this time for two selfish reasons , one , it was so rewarding to see you both happy and content just being with each other , two , I had some time of my own ..15 mins at a stretch before another nappy change :) How he worries and takes care of you is beyond my imagination. He would run around the house to fetch nappies and towels. He would change sheets in your crib and cradle. He would check you every 5 mins , sometimes every 5 seconds to see if you are wet. He would shout louder than you when you are uncofortable , "mumma dekho isse kya ho gaya..jaldi"

Your papa had little time with you but whatever time you had with each other you spent them fruitfully. You both would inspect each other's face for changing expressions. You would flaunt your million dollar smile and he would swell in pride. Your eyes would glitter and he would realize his love for you. However no one can disturb your dad when he has a news paper in his hand or when he is deep in his thoughts. On such times , you would sit happily in his lap and READ the paper with him. Or you would sit on his arm on his side as he paced up and down the living room in his thoughts. You never disturb him with crying or blabbering. I realized that just being with him means a lot to you and no words or constant blabbering is necessary. And with your dad's constant effort and loads and loads of patience you achieved another milestone. You learnt to feed yourself with a bottle , making me feel relaxed , happy and sad. Ofcourse someday you would understand why happy and sad at the same time.

Fifth month to now

I started working however not for full day. The uncertainities at work have allowed me to spend little extra time with you but even then I stay away for good 4-5 hours. You have been managing well , initially with dadu dadi and now just with dadi.

After the hospital days , you never really liked to sleep next to me. Believe me, I never slept over your arm but probably you understood the nurse :-P. You are happy when you sleep in your cradle and restless on the bed. So you sleep in your cradle at most times, even nights. When hungry you don't cry but you call. I love your way of doing so. You actually don't cry for hunger unless I give you a deaf ear for long.

The day you completed your 5th month we did havan, sort of annprashan, for you and fed you a spoonful of rice. However you did not like it much. After trying rice for few days , we resolved to moong dal and then khichdi , foods that your brother also loved as baby. But unlike your brother , you hated banana. I realized that I have a fussy eater in making , unlike my elder one. One cannot be equally blessed twice.

You rolled for the first time , somtime in your fifth month but that was only for recording the milestone. You decided not to repeat the effort unless absolutely necessary. Recently you repeated the effort a few times but only on desperate need.
Neverthless you manage to get what you want , by twisting and rotating and then twisting again. If nothing works , you use your vocal cords. Success is all that matters after all.

You have filled our monotonous life with daily surprises. Your smiles make our days bright. Your bonding with your brother , makes life worth.

I so want these days to last longer but I know soon you will half an year old. And in no time you will be half a decade old , just like your brother. Time passes and it passes fast. Grow up well my little one ! Hugs !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aryan is a Big bro now!!

As most of you know already ..Aryan was blessed with a lovely lil sister on 4th October !! And he named her Khushi !!

Khushi and her Mumma are doing well. And most of all we have a little young man caring for us ALL THE TIME!

He is over possessive , extra caring and super lovable, esp for his sister.

Mumma ofcourse is lazy and doing a post after a month and that too without pictures :P

But Mumma promises to be back in her writing shoes (is there anything like that??) soon !!

Till then do suggest a name for Times of Aryan ..since now Khushi will share this space too :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When you left your Mumma embarrased

Scene : Lift lobby of a shopping mall. About 10 people waiting for lift including Aryan and family. A dad is holding an infant in his lap and is cuddling with the baby. Suddenly we all hear Aryan shout :

"Mumma , mujhe bhi mera baby chahiye , jaldi nikalo"

Post that shout : Mumma is looking around to see how many eyes are on them. Aryan is trying to squeeze mumma's tummy to get the baby out. Papa is trying to divert Aryan


Monday, August 1, 2011

And I saw you smile ..

..okay the doctor may have used the word "yawn" but it felt like a smile to us. And your tooth less smile is so like your brother :)
You blinked as well :)

All the while you had your face towards us but when you realized that we just cannot stop looking at you and even the doctor is co-operating, you finally turned your back :) When do you kids learn all this attitude ????

Your brother was thrilled to see you in 3D. He was asking and telling about what he saw for a long time after the scan. He doesnot like the gynaecologist because she checks mumma behind the curtain and doesnot let him see what is happening , while the sonographer lets him see his baby.

You are his baby and thats the fact he has taken to heart. He thinks he will have to fulfill all the fatherly duties for you. He thinks that you will always remain small , a baby and he will keep on growing fast :-) It never fails to bring me a smile when he talks about you in all innocence :)
I am really looking forward to a special bond between both of you !

However , when it comes to sharing Mumma , he is still very possessive. I hope together we can handle that situation when it comes.

We also saw the hospital around this saturday. The rooms where you and I will spend our first night together :)

Now that I started 8th month , time is just not moving. Cannot wait to hold you and snuggle with you. But you please dont get imapatient like your mumma. Please take your own sweet time hurries :D

The doctor told that you are still in breech position but there is still time and you will move ..hopefully. Do move sweety. I somehow remember that your bhaiya also was in breech during this time but he did move.
The doctor also told that you birth weight is expected to be same as your brother's.

I hope the time really flies when it should :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Romance ?

with a bus / daycare friend ?

Day 1 :

Aryan : Mumma I want a flower for J. She loves flowers. Give me a flower for school tomorrow.

Mumma : Aryan I cannot get flower early morning. Plus you will meet her only after school na will you keep it in school

Day 2 :

Aryan : Mumma , aaj maine school mein flower dekha , phir maine socha J ke liye le loon , but phir mujhe laga woh aaj shayad nahi aayengi, is liye maine nahi liya. Phir maine uska bus mein wait kiya. Maine ek girl ko dekha , uske baal J jaise the par woh J nahi thi. Phir ek girl ka bag dekha , barbie wala , J jaisa. But J nahi aayi , main sad ho gaya

Day 3 :

Aryan : Mumma maine J ko flower diya. Maine dekha school mein , ek plant , uspar flower tha , maine woh le liya aur phir maine bus mein J ko de diya. Woh bahut happy ho gayi.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking Marriage at 5 !!

Aryan : Mumma why do you have 2 Mummy and 2 Papa.
Me:Aryan, When I got married to Papa , his mummy papa also became my mummy papa and my mummy papa became his. So we both have 2-2 mummy papa.
Aryan : When I will get married , I will also have 2 mummy papa
Me : Yeah , when you grow up and will get married , you will also have 2 mummy papa.
Aryan : I will get married with J (his current best friend and lastest fascination at daycare)
Me : Yeah , whoever , we will decide when you grow up :P

And here are some pictures from his Birthday !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 is a big number!

Yeah ..its half a decade since I have been a mom ! Can I believe it ..NO !! My little baby is 5 already !! I am overwhelmed with emotions, cannot find words.

How did this year go ! Quite well. He has been a well behaved child for most part. He matured and started understanding things when we gave proper reasoning. He rarely throws tantrums now. He usually understands when we tell him no to something with a reason. He started showing more assertiveness about his likes and dislikes and his wants but without being unreasonalble. Which I really appreciate.

On the other side, he is still a very sensitive child. He cannot hurt anyone and gets over emotional and angry about small things. He becomes excessively possessive about his friend and doesnot want to share friend with anyone. Though the friend keeps on changing , it has been always a girl or the other in all these years and this makes the situation even more funny :-) He continues to be a shy baby and cannot gel with new people easily , shys away from saying hello and talk about his problems in school. He finds crying easier than talking when we are not around. We , especially his papa continues to worry endlessly over these behaviourial issues.

We moved him to a seperate bed , in our room itself 2-3 months ago. This was a part of preparing for the new baby. It has been going on fine and since last 2-3 months he has been sleeping well on his bed except 1-2 instances when he requested to sleep between us and I gave in.

The first day was more difficult for me than for him. I missed his cuddling and kicking and I kept checking for him every few minutes. I actually could not sleep that night. The next few days went fine mostly , except on some rare occasions when he rolled in to our bed without his knoweledge.

For past 1 month or so , even that did not happen. Now he sleeps well on his bed , just that we hold each other's hand till he falls asleep and if he happens to get up at night , he touches me to check that I am around.

Yesterday night though , I wanted him to snuggle with me. Somehow, the realization that he will be 5 , a big boy already , made me feel uncomfortable , jittery , excited and scared. I am not sure what's the correct word to describe that feeling.

So though I did not suggest him to move in to my bed , I initiated a talk which made him suggest that he wants to snuggle :P Selfish selfish me :P
And so we cuddled and slept. All the while thinking that these moments may not last for long. Soon he will be grow so old that this idea of cuddling with mumma will become wierd and funny to him. I just feel like time should halt here today. I just wish that I can continue to hold , hug and tickle him forever.

Cannot write anymore some links :)

Aryan's first pic with dad

Pics from Hospital

First Birthday pics

Second Birthday !

Third Birthday !

Fourth Birthday!