Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mereka Happy Bday

You started waiting for this day perhaps from your previous Birthday.

Every time you attend a birthday party you ask , "Mumma mereka happy bday kab aayega"

Then you plan minute details ,

"Main Pooh bear cake laaonga , nahi cartoon wala , tom and jerry"

"Main party popper karoonga"

"Main baloon burst NAHI karoonga"

"Mumma didi aayegi mereke bday mein?"

etc etc etc

And here it is ... "Mereka Happy Birthday"

I could see this morning how you were on cloud 9 , with people calling you from around the world , I could see a ring in your voice as you said "Thank you !"

I hope your birthday turns out just the way you wanted it to be. Hope you have loads of fun today and on Sunday , when we are having over your cousins for lunch.

I hope you have 100 such birthdays and I wish that all your plans for each of those birthdays come true !

And all your plans for days between birthdays also come true !

Lots of love to my little - BIG BOY !


~nm said...

What a sweet post...and Aryan is such a cutie pie...lots of love and good wishes to him on this special "Mereka Happy Birthday".

MindfulMeanderer said...

awwww. what a lovely wish. :) Aryan, Wishing u many many happy returns of this day.

Swaram said...

So sweet :)
Wish u a very happy birthday Aryan :)
Hv lotzzz of fun and give me a treat when I come to Blr :P :P

Anonymous said...

Aww.. so cute :) warm wishes to Aryan on his special day!!
Yay to the 100 years and the 100 awesome b'day celebrations :)

Sandhya said...

Very very sweet...Aryan baby,,wish u a very very happy birthday!

starry eyed said...

Happy birthday Aryan! You are truly looking like a big boy now!

Aryan said...

Wish u a very very happy birthday Aryan....Big boy now

Uma said...

I'm late Aryan...but the wish comes from the bottom of my heart - Happy Birthday big boy!

PG said...

A very sweet post.

Swaram said...

We want Aryan updates :P