Wednesday, June 27, 2007

His Love For Noodles

Quite recently I discovered his love for noodles. I made some for breakfast and as usual he wanted to taste.(He likes to taste all what we eat/drink, which makes life difficult at times.)So, I gave him a long noodle to play with.He enjoyed making pieces.

At Home, Bangalore 16th June, 2007

Next I gave him the tip of one small piece in his mouth and to my surprise he sucked the whole thing in.I must say, it was as if he has mastered the art.And he shouted for more.Again , I gave him a tip of a longer piece(assumming that he will take long to suck that in) and in another minute he shouted for more.It was so funny to see him eating.

At Home, Bangalore 16th June, 2007

Since then he has been eating few noodles with us , whenever we do.

Crushing a Stone !

Remember the childhood story.A boy used to squeeze water from cottage cheese and fooled the evil spirit by telling that it was a white stone. Somewhat similiar to this movie.

Aryan does the same these days.You give him a piece of biscuit and he will crush within his palm into powder.The expression would be , as if he is crushing a stone with full strength , eyes closed and lines on forehead. I wish, I can click a pic somehow.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Coffee Mug !

Light Yellow, Black and White , checkered design.Ofourse I found the design new and somewhat trendy when I bought them but I never thought it would be attractive for a baby.
Yes..I am talking of this Coffee MUG !! Surprised you may be ..but Aryan loves it.So much so that he fought with us to sip from it when he was just 5 months and so much that he crawled around the room to touch the same,just a few days after he learnt to crawl.Words cannot explain the attraction he has for these MUGs.He would do anything in the world to hold them.

Here are a few pics..Aryan mimicks sipping a coffee !!

Pic where he crawls to touch the Mug ! Will upload video soon.

Fun Day with Nanu Nani

Aryan's Nanu - Nani (my parents) came for a 15 days vacation , day before yesterday. And Aryan is already having fun with them.Yesterday was their first day with us and I was also home.Aryan was little clingy to me , coz he was missing his dadi , who went back for a few days but still he was having fun, since he could see me around.So here are a few incidents.

In the morning, Nanu sang Hare Rama , Hare Krishna to him and used is hands as 'Cheemta majeera' , an intrument used while saying bhajans.So , it was like clapping by one hand and Aryan was pretty excited seeing that and tried to immitate.It was so funny to see him doing that.

Next his Nanu taught him to snap fingers(Chutki bajana they call it in hindi) and aryan was so excited seeing that.He literally attempted that using his index finger and thumb.

Afternoon , was ROARING session.Aryan makes a roaring sound and when he was doing it my papa immitated. And then started the jugal bandi(duos).Both of them tried to make it as loud as possible and they took turns.It was so funny , how aryan would wait for papa to repeat.

Papa-Mummy bought him a small dholak from a fete in our home town.Its not as good as the real ones , basically its just a toy.So in the evening, Aryan was getting cranky when I gave him the dholak to play and he grasped it in his lap , basically not like a dholak , but more like a tabla or a bongo.And banged on to it.

He did it for quite sometime and enjoyed a lot. And then started another jugal bandi session. Papa took the dholak from him and blew that. And after two minutes Aryan snatches it back and played.And after banging 2-3 times , he rolls it to his Nanu. And again snatches after 2 minutes.I will sure update the video, as soon as possible.

Late evening , we were all having tea and some snacks , when Aryan banged into the plate and whole of namkeen was on bed. And when I asked Aryan .."Yeh kya kiya", I was scolded by my parents , that what else you expect him to do and who will do all this , if he won't. So I kept shut. Later , mummy was looking at the mess and cleaning and said , "Ohh..yahan kaise soyenge". Then I told her , "Now why do you say so..that time you scolded me." So the reply comes.."Bache aaise hi karti hai , Mummy ka kaam hota hai bedsheet badal de". Uff..yeh grand parents ..:P

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chai chapa chai..Chappak chai !

Initially Aryan used to cry while bathing , like any other baby.Those days either my mom or MIL used to bathe him,in those traditional way(making baby sit on legs or lie on floor).I was scared of bathing him, coz he used to cry a lot and I was scared that he will slip off my hands. So I bought a baby bath bed , as suggested by a friend. It was a boon. The bath time became fun, in just 2 days(He was 2 months old then).

I realized that Aryan was not as scared of water , as he was scared of lying on floor or sitting on feet.He had a fear of falling or hurting himself.I used to sing him .."Chai chapa chai..Chappak chai" and just after two days there was no crying while bathing. Soon I made him feel water and before i poured water over him, we spent a few minutes playing with water. Now Bath times are so much fun.He loves to touch the water and talks to the tap, when its not running ...:D

Here is a glimpse...

At Home, Bangalore, 12th August, 2006

At Home, Bangalore, 12th August, 2006

At Home, Bangalore, 8th November, 2006

At Home, Bangalore, 15th December, 2006

At Home, Bangalore, 26th May, 2007

At Home, Bangalore, 26th May, 2007

At Home, Bangalore, 16th June, 2007

At Home, Bangalore, 16th June, 2007

At Home, Bangalore, 16th June, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Chunari Chunari

Aryan at his best with my dupatta on 12th June, 2007 at home.

"Am I looking OK na?"

"Maybe I should wear it like this...!"

"How did the women earlier used to see with duppata all over there eyes."

"This is better..I can see with one eye atleast"

" Aah..this is good..i can see clearly now!"

P.S. All the captionsfor this post are sponsered by Aryan's Taiji

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Few Precious Pics !

Jaipur Home,4th October, 2006

Jaipur Home,4th October, 2006

At Home, Bangalore, 21st December, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,8th January, 2007

Art Of Living Ashram,Bangalore,20th January, 2007

At Home,Bangalore,11th February, 2007

In Our Car,Bangalore,9th March, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Tit-Bits

** Aryan's another short term goal is to count mumma's hair and may be pull them all out.

** Aryan crawls on his tummy and my friend (Renu) has drecribed the movement as that of a soldier moving in trenches.

** His latest favourite pass time is a swing.He can sit there for an hour.

** He loves to sit in front of kitchen and learn to make chapatis from our cook.

** He gives a 180 degree smile to our maid and tells her something every morning , which she still haven't understood.She would ask him every day "Kya Dekhta hai" and "Kya Keh raha hai".

** He is learning to play spider (cards game) at computer with dadi from past few months.

** Yellow and Red are his favourite colours and by chance the curtains at home have that combination.So probably he wants me to make him a shirt from one of the curtain.He would try to pull the curtain behind our bed everyday.Same is the case with my yellow suit.When I wear the same , he would hardly look at me , but only the suit.

** Chasing his blue ball is another favourite activity these days.He would crawl to the ball and touches it and it rolls further and so on.

Friends at first sight..:)

Last Sunday(10th June) we went Fab India.While mummy(MIL) and I were busy looking at the garments , I realized that Anupam was talking to someone.When I turned back I realized that Aryan was trying to make friends with a baby girl (probably Aryan's age) ,who was in her father's lap.She was not in a good mood and was quite sleepy and so did not even smiled back. Anupam and the other father was amused at the kids and were doing a casual chit chat.Soon Aryan realised that the effort is of no use.The the girl slept and her parents moved to another section of the store.

After about 15 mins , I heard a baby crying and Anupam was laughing.I was a little surprised and looked at Anupam. He told me that the baby(same age again) is crying because he does not want to go away.Aryan and the baby boy had become friends. I saw that both Aryan and Sidharth Arya(the other kid) were chatting in some foriegn language. They were loud enough to catch the attention of all the other people around. They were literally jumping from our laps to hug each other. I took him close to Sidharth Arya and they both held hands.I tried to move away and now it was Aryan's turn to cry. He did not want to leave.It was so amusing for all the four parents. Our son made his first friend and it was friendship at first sight..:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tit bits

Some gestures of our little prince :

** When he is happy , he would put his hands in front , close to his chest and waves them and makes 'uuuh uuh uuh sound.

** He has learnt to clap recently and if you lay your hand in front of him , he would instantly start clapping on your hand.Some times , when he likes a food or milk , he will start clapping while eating / drinking. That gives me great satisfaction.

** Hitting anyone and everyone with legs is his favourite sport.He would make sure that his legs are hitting the person sitting next to him , while he cycles his legs.

** He has started understanding scolding.Whenever he is doing anything wrong , (like licking his ball) and I say No or Nahi ..he makes a bad face , his lips get inverted downwards and his eyes open wide and cries and after 2 seconds tries to do the same thing again ..looking at me from the corner of his eyes and when I again say ..Aryan ..NO ..he again cries in same fashion. I really have to control my laugh and tell him , if you wanna cry ..cry ..but this is wrong/dirty and you should not do so.Earlier my MIL and hubby used to ask me why do I make him cry , but now they know that he is testing his limits, or should I say our limits :D

** He has a short term goal to break papa's specs and he tries all possible tricks to do so.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Few Pics clicked on 24th October,2006 , at Jaipur Home. Aryan was given a name on that day. His horoscope name was 'Venugopal'.But we had already named him Aryan.And now a piece of advice, deciding on a name for your baby and more importantly getting consensus from everyone in family ,is toughest part of the entire baby making process. Even if you shortlist a few names , agreeing on the best one is not easy...:)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Aryan's First Diwali

Jaipur Home, 21st October, 2006

Jaipur Home, 21st October, 2006

Jaipur Home, 21st October, 2006

Jaipur Home, 21st October, 2006

Vidhan Sabha,Jaipur, 22nd October, 2006

Vidhan Sabha,Jaipur, 22nd October, 2006

Aryan at Jaipur

During my maternity leave , I utilized my time by staying with both of ours' parents.So after my stay in Bulandshahr, I reached jaipur on 2nd October, 2006 and stayed over till 24th October 2006.

The stay there was quite eventful.Soon after I reached was Aryan's DPT vaccination , followed by 2 days of fever and uneasiness. After he got over from that ,I suffered from "Chicken Gunia", a viral fever caused by mosquito bite.Now , you may think , whats so eventful about a viral fever.But yes it was , coz it was accompanied by severe severe joint pain. Yep, I wrote 'severe' twice intentionally , because I cannot find a single suitable word to express the intensity of pain.This was further followed by skin rashes and itching.The pain lasted for over 8 months.Aryan too suffered from viral fever again.

After that began the festive season. Karva Chauth and then Diwali. Anupam came a few days before diwali on 13th October.He could not recognize aryan after a gap of about 2 months and literally asked him , if this is the same baby..:D Diwali was fun, with entire family.It was a bit embarrasing too, with the joints pain accompanying me all the time.On 24th October , we had Aryan's Naamkaran(Naming ceremony) in morning and a small Birth celebration party in the evening.We had all the relavtives from both sides and it was a hectic but memorable day. Aryan really co-operated well.

On 25th we travelled back to delhi and then to Bangalore. Anupam describes the trip as most hectic trip home, since he hardly had a day of rest. We had to prepare for party , with invitations printing and distribution , plus shopping of gifts for famliy and relatives.

But I really enjoyed the whole trip , as could not have been more eventful.Aryan too got to meet all near and far relatives and was blessed with their love.

A few pics and more will follow in coming posts :

Jaipur Home,12th October 2006

Entertainment Paradise,Jaipur,15th October, 2006

Jaipur Home,16th October 2006

NRI City,Jaipur,16th October, 2006

Our New Under Construction House,NRI City,Jaipur,16th October, 2006

Jaipur Home,18th October 2006

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aryan Meets Mausi(s)

Aryan meets a few of my cousins :

Bulandshahr Home,15th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,15th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,15th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,15th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,17th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,17th September, 2006

Bulandshahr Home,17th September, 2006

Meerut,My Bua's Residence,30th September, 2006

Meerut,My Bua's Residence,30th September, 2006