Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Incidents

Long since I wrote a nice nice post for Aryan.It has been so many times that I thought that he said or did something so blog worthy but by the time I would get time to write I would forget all. So here are a few random things I can recall , before its too late.

1. I have a metrosexual man in my house , who is a little too enthusiastic about his looks. Every day he massages his hands and face with all the cream he can grab and the process takes a good 30-45 minutes. And he blames the kids in his day care to grab the bottle of cream. So this is like it goes :

Aryan : Mumma , Kaata (pointing at his wrist, with the bottle of cream in his hand)
Mumma : Kisne ?
Aryan : Aadi or Rishab or Paati or Aunty or mosquito(Basically whatever comes to his mouth first)
Mumma : Thik hai , cream laga lo
Aryan happily starts massaging where ever he wants with handful of cream

2. Its not that he is just worried about his own looks. I mean who wants a old wrinkled mom, to show off to friends. So he takes care of his lazy and careless mom too. He gives mom a facial and a manicure. Plus thai masaage on her legs too :-) Okay ..don't just start feeling J ladies.
But I am not lying. After he is done with himself , he starts massaging mumma's face and hands. And almost every night he comes with powder to massage my legs :-)

3. He is being crazy about Aeroplanes and Helicopters and he can hear them sound from anywhere and spot them from anywhere even in night sky. And he expects us also to do the same and when are not able to , he cries :-P Whats more funny is , he asks the aeroplanes and helicopters and birds to take him into their lap. He goes like "aeloplane godi" , "chiya godi" , "helitopter godi". During our diwali trip when he actually saw aeroplanes at the airport he was too excited and amazed. But when he sat inside one , he could not understand that he is actually inside the plane and wanted to go to all the other ones he could see. I tried too hard to explain that you are already in the plane but no use :P

4. From past 3 days he is telling be aphabets , as in ABCD. I do not know if he got from older kids in creche or from the lady in the creche. Although its not always in sequence but you can hear him saying 5-10 alphabets at random , which I think is good since I never taught him any. So the other day he was sating "B for ..." I was not able to get what he was trying to say after for. So I used all my vocabulary from ball to bat to boy etc. Finally I realized that it was butterfly :-)
And P for "peacock" , when I don't know if he knows what a peacock is :-)

5. Last but not the least. From past 2 days , our little dad makes both my and Anupam sleep on both his arms and pats our head and you should see the affection on his face :-)

My little sweetheart ..LOVE YOU !

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Men will be Men !

I have always believed that men are born with love for cars and bikes and whatever you do , it remains and it cannot be changed.

Aryan endorsed my belief. While I was just struggling to teach him the difference between a car and a bus and a truck. He was actually trying to figure out the difference between the Hyundai Santro and the Maruti Swift and the Honda City!

Believe it or not ! I never told him any car by its make, for I always feared of loading him off with too much of information. Nor did I expect him to distinctly tell which is his dad's car if there are 3 cars of the same colour in a row.

But last week he saw a silver Santro and told me that its Nanu's car. Okay ..I thought, conincidence. And then this week he saw a red swift and told Mama's car.Okay ..he is good, I thought. I tried with other red cars , but its only when its a red swift.

And then 2 days back he saw a grey Honda City and told me that its Tauji's car :O