Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love or Hate ?

Aryan has a Love-Hate relationship with NODDY. Nope not the noddy as in the cartoon character. I usually give his toys a name and Noddy is the name of "HIT ME" dog.

Quite recently Aryan developed a special love for it.The sight of it brings a BIG BIG SMILE on his face and a spark in his eyes. He knows it by the name Noddy. And how am I so sure ? Last week Aryan was down with fever. One night at 3.00 AM , he was uneasy and woke up. To pacify him , I said , "Papa please bring Aryan's Noddy for him" and guess what the same spark in his eyes. And he was delighted when Anupam brought the toy from the other room.

And how does he play with it ? He hits it , pulls its ears, try to climb it , caresses it and kisses it on its eyes. Thats why I said Love-Hate relationship :)

Have a look :

Monday, September 3, 2007

Huggably Cute !

Thank God Its FRIDAY !!!!

Do you believe that kids have a biological clock , which can not only find out time of the day but also DAY of the WEEK. Believe it or not , Aryan knows its a friday evening ,whenever it is. He knows that Mumma Papa (and he too) has a off next day and that they will be awake till late. He is in full masti mood on fridays and laughs and plays till late. On the other days though he usually sleeps by 9.30 PM or maximum 10.00 PM