Friday, June 24, 2011

Little minds and its little stress

We are hunting for a house, since our current land lord wants to sell his.
So obviously the son asked why we have been looking at empty houses and I explained. This was followed by a series of questions :

1. Mumma will you take my car to the new house ?
Ofcourse I said. We will take all your toys
2. And Papa's car?
3. Mumma how will we take bed ?
In truck
4. But how will the bed come out of the door ??
It will , you will see when uncle will take it out
5. But mumma where will I have Malai if we change house ?
(Malai is the soft cocunut layer from tender coconut, we have a tender coconut shop right in front of our apt)
LOL ! Don't worry Aryan , we will find new Malai wala near new house :)

(Sigh ..after more than an year he stopped refering this house as "New Ghar" and forgot about our old house and now we will shift again ..such is life !)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you beat this ??

Mumma : "Aryan aaj maam ne school mein kya karaya"
Aryan : "Mujhe kya pata , maam ko pata hoga na !!! "

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer vacation crafts!

Our First edible craft - bread as base , nutella for skin colour , fruit loops for eyes , corn flakes for hair,ears from bingo and sauce for smile :)
Aryan did not feel like eating it later and so I had the sinful stuff :D

His school bus , we later wrote the name of school as well !

Busy painting the paster of paris cars from a "Mould and Paint" craft kit.
P.S : Do ignore the choclate wrapper and the foot of a pregnant female who has troubles sitting on floor :D

Ready cars !

And the landscape !

Here is what we made the next day from the empty "Mould and Paint" card board box ! And it was gifted to Papa for his news paper :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aapki tabiyat kaise hai ??

"Abhi theek nahi hai :D :D"

Yeah thats the answer you will get when you ask him this question. Don't miss the grins at the end.

He has fever since the day school started and so he is not going to school. The fever is high when its there but the gap between the fever is about 10 hours or so. So in these 10 hours the kid is happy and active except when you offer him food. Or when you ask him , "aapki tabiyat kaise hai"

Since no fever means the end of extended vacation with no school and no daycare :)

These kids are too smart for parents :P

Sunday, June 5, 2011

And Aryan saw his first movie in theatre

..on Saturday June 4th 2011 was actually his first movie anywhere ..he never sat through a movie even on TV !! was none other than the Kungfu Panda 2
..I loved the amused look on his face and the N number of questions during the movie
..the parents loved the movie more than the kid did :)