Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aryan is a Big bro now!!

As most of you know already ..Aryan was blessed with a lovely lil sister on 4th October !! And he named her Khushi !!

Khushi and her Mumma are doing well. And most of all we have a little young man caring for us ALL THE TIME!

He is over possessive , extra caring and super lovable, esp for his sister.

Mumma ofcourse is lazy and doing a post after a month and that too without pictures :P

But Mumma promises to be back in her writing shoes (is there anything like that??) soon !!

Till then do suggest a name for Times of Aryan ..since now Khushi will share this space too :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When you left your Mumma embarrased

Scene : Lift lobby of a shopping mall. About 10 people waiting for lift including Aryan and family. A dad is holding an infant in his lap and is cuddling with the baby. Suddenly we all hear Aryan shout :

"Mumma , mujhe bhi mera baby chahiye , jaldi nikalo"

Post that shout : Mumma is looking around to see how many eyes are on them. Aryan is trying to squeeze mumma's tummy to get the baby out. Papa is trying to divert Aryan


Monday, August 1, 2011

And I saw you smile ..

..okay the doctor may have used the word "yawn" but it felt like a smile to us. And your tooth less smile is so like your brother :)
You blinked as well :)

All the while you had your face towards us but when you realized that we just cannot stop looking at you and even the doctor is co-operating, you finally turned your back :) When do you kids learn all this attitude ????

Your brother was thrilled to see you in 3D. He was asking and telling about what he saw for a long time after the scan. He doesnot like the gynaecologist because she checks mumma behind the curtain and doesnot let him see what is happening , while the sonographer lets him see his baby.

You are his baby and thats the fact he has taken to heart. He thinks he will have to fulfill all the fatherly duties for you. He thinks that you will always remain small , a baby and he will keep on growing fast :-) It never fails to bring me a smile when he talks about you in all innocence :)
I am really looking forward to a special bond between both of you !

However , when it comes to sharing Mumma , he is still very possessive. I hope together we can handle that situation when it comes.

We also saw the hospital around this saturday. The rooms where you and I will spend our first night together :)

Now that I started 8th month , time is just not moving. Cannot wait to hold you and snuggle with you. But you please dont get imapatient like your mumma. Please take your own sweet time hurries :D

The doctor told that you are still in breech position but there is still time and you will move ..hopefully. Do move sweety. I somehow remember that your bhaiya also was in breech during this time but he did move.
The doctor also told that you birth weight is expected to be same as your brother's.

I hope the time really flies when it should :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Romance ?

with a bus / daycare friend ?

Day 1 :

Aryan : Mumma I want a flower for J. She loves flowers. Give me a flower for school tomorrow.

Mumma : Aryan I cannot get flower early morning. Plus you will meet her only after school na will you keep it in school

Day 2 :

Aryan : Mumma , aaj maine school mein flower dekha , phir maine socha J ke liye le loon , but phir mujhe laga woh aaj shayad nahi aayengi, is liye maine nahi liya. Phir maine uska bus mein wait kiya. Maine ek girl ko dekha , uske baal J jaise the par woh J nahi thi. Phir ek girl ka bag dekha , barbie wala , J jaisa. But J nahi aayi , main sad ho gaya

Day 3 :

Aryan : Mumma maine J ko flower diya. Maine dekha school mein , ek plant , uspar flower tha , maine woh le liya aur phir maine bus mein J ko de diya. Woh bahut happy ho gayi.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking Marriage at 5 !!

Aryan : Mumma why do you have 2 Mummy and 2 Papa.
Me:Aryan, When I got married to Papa , his mummy papa also became my mummy papa and my mummy papa became his. So we both have 2-2 mummy papa.
Aryan : When I will get married , I will also have 2 mummy papa
Me : Yeah , when you grow up and will get married , you will also have 2 mummy papa.
Aryan : I will get married with J (his current best friend and lastest fascination at daycare)
Me : Yeah , whoever , we will decide when you grow up :P

And here are some pictures from his Birthday !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 is a big number!

Yeah ..its half a decade since I have been a mom ! Can I believe it ..NO !! My little baby is 5 already !! I am overwhelmed with emotions, cannot find words.

How did this year go ! Quite well. He has been a well behaved child for most part. He matured and started understanding things when we gave proper reasoning. He rarely throws tantrums now. He usually understands when we tell him no to something with a reason. He started showing more assertiveness about his likes and dislikes and his wants but without being unreasonalble. Which I really appreciate.

On the other side, he is still a very sensitive child. He cannot hurt anyone and gets over emotional and angry about small things. He becomes excessively possessive about his friend and doesnot want to share friend with anyone. Though the friend keeps on changing , it has been always a girl or the other in all these years and this makes the situation even more funny :-) He continues to be a shy baby and cannot gel with new people easily , shys away from saying hello and talk about his problems in school. He finds crying easier than talking when we are not around. We , especially his papa continues to worry endlessly over these behaviourial issues.

We moved him to a seperate bed , in our room itself 2-3 months ago. This was a part of preparing for the new baby. It has been going on fine and since last 2-3 months he has been sleeping well on his bed except 1-2 instances when he requested to sleep between us and I gave in.

The first day was more difficult for me than for him. I missed his cuddling and kicking and I kept checking for him every few minutes. I actually could not sleep that night. The next few days went fine mostly , except on some rare occasions when he rolled in to our bed without his knoweledge.

For past 1 month or so , even that did not happen. Now he sleeps well on his bed , just that we hold each other's hand till he falls asleep and if he happens to get up at night , he touches me to check that I am around.

Yesterday night though , I wanted him to snuggle with me. Somehow, the realization that he will be 5 , a big boy already , made me feel uncomfortable , jittery , excited and scared. I am not sure what's the correct word to describe that feeling.

So though I did not suggest him to move in to my bed , I initiated a talk which made him suggest that he wants to snuggle :P Selfish selfish me :P
And so we cuddled and slept. All the while thinking that these moments may not last for long. Soon he will be grow so old that this idea of cuddling with mumma will become wierd and funny to him. I just feel like time should halt here today. I just wish that I can continue to hold , hug and tickle him forever.

Cannot write anymore some links :)

Aryan's first pic with dad

Pics from Hospital

First Birthday pics

Second Birthday !

Third Birthday !

Fourth Birthday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paintings in daycare

These were made by Aryan in his activity class at daycare , with the help of teacher ofcourse ! There are loads but I love these ones , so keeping them here for record.

Editted to add : Just realized that this goes with Artsy crafty theme of the month !! So we submit an entry there after a long long time !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Field Trip to a Deaf School

Aryan's school took his class for a field trip to deaf school in last week of June. They wanted the kids to experience how is life different for differently abled and how blessed we are to have our senses. Earlier the plan was for blind school , but it seems like some parents objected on the idea of blind school since they did not want their kids to see that pain so early in life.

And so they went to deaf school. When I asked Aryan about the field trip , he told only little :

"We went far off. In big bus. Mujhe big bus mein bahut mazza aaya"

What did you see there ?

"Bache. Unki maam unhe hands se bata rahi thi"

"Do you know why the maam was telling them with hands ?"

No reply

"Because they cannot hear from their ears."


Thats about it. So I do not really know if he understood what he was supposed to understand. Perhaps the blind school would have made him think more. Since the children in deaf school looked like normal kids , these kids might not have really realized what is different.

However it was his first brush with the harsh realities of life.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bhoolna mat !

Yeah thats the instruction I got this morning ..for what ?? For finishing his leftover breakfast. He doesnot like to waste food, so when he thinks he cannot finish something he gives it to one of us and insists that we finish it.

This morning I gave him a banana and he did not eat it. So while leaving for school he tells me , "Mumma aap banana finish kar dena ..okay ..bhoolna mat!!"

On a different note , there is more I do not want to forget , so making use of the title :)

Yesterday he asked me , Mumma , can I call you Mother ?
So I said yes !
Aryan :Can I call you Mom ?
Me :Yes! You can call me Mumma , Mummy , Mom, Mother, Ma.
Aryan : And what can I call papa ?
Me : Umm..Papa , Dad , Daddy, Father, Pitaji
Aryan : Pita ji :D I will call you mother and Pitaji
Me : Okay
So yesterday full day I was addressed as Mother and Anupam was addressed as Pita ji. It was so funny to hear him say so. We participated in the fun by replying to him as Son and Putra.
Yesterday at bedtime , Mother when baby will come, we will take the baby in pram to parking. Then you lift the baby and I will fold and keep the pram in boot. Then you sit with baby in the back seat.

Me : No, you and baby will sit in back seat and Mumma will sit in front.

Aryan : Arree !!! NO , I will have to drive na , I will be big as Pita ji. Pitaji and baby can sit in back seat then.

Me : When you will be big as papa , baby will also be big ..right ??

Aryan confused now ..keeps thinking ..but baby might be tired walking so we can use pram ???

Me : Baby will not fit in pram when baby is big

Aryan : Hmm..but baby will first be small , 0 years , then 1 year then 2 , then 3 , then 4 like me ,then 5 , then only baby will be big ..hai na ??

Me : Haan

And thats where the dialogue ended. I do not know the conclusion though :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little minds and its little stress

We are hunting for a house, since our current land lord wants to sell his.
So obviously the son asked why we have been looking at empty houses and I explained. This was followed by a series of questions :

1. Mumma will you take my car to the new house ?
Ofcourse I said. We will take all your toys
2. And Papa's car?
3. Mumma how will we take bed ?
In truck
4. But how will the bed come out of the door ??
It will , you will see when uncle will take it out
5. But mumma where will I have Malai if we change house ?
(Malai is the soft cocunut layer from tender coconut, we have a tender coconut shop right in front of our apt)
LOL ! Don't worry Aryan , we will find new Malai wala near new house :)

(Sigh ..after more than an year he stopped refering this house as "New Ghar" and forgot about our old house and now we will shift again ..such is life !)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you beat this ??

Mumma : "Aryan aaj maam ne school mein kya karaya"
Aryan : "Mujhe kya pata , maam ko pata hoga na !!! "

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer vacation crafts!

Our First edible craft - bread as base , nutella for skin colour , fruit loops for eyes , corn flakes for hair,ears from bingo and sauce for smile :)
Aryan did not feel like eating it later and so I had the sinful stuff :D

His school bus , we later wrote the name of school as well !

Busy painting the paster of paris cars from a "Mould and Paint" craft kit.
P.S : Do ignore the choclate wrapper and the foot of a pregnant female who has troubles sitting on floor :D

Ready cars !

And the landscape !

Here is what we made the next day from the empty "Mould and Paint" card board box ! And it was gifted to Papa for his news paper :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aapki tabiyat kaise hai ??

"Abhi theek nahi hai :D :D"

Yeah thats the answer you will get when you ask him this question. Don't miss the grins at the end.

He has fever since the day school started and so he is not going to school. The fever is high when its there but the gap between the fever is about 10 hours or so. So in these 10 hours the kid is happy and active except when you offer him food. Or when you ask him , "aapki tabiyat kaise hai"

Since no fever means the end of extended vacation with no school and no daycare :)

These kids are too smart for parents :P

Sunday, June 5, 2011

And Aryan saw his first movie in theatre

..on Saturday June 4th 2011 was actually his first movie anywhere ..he never sat through a movie even on TV !! was none other than the Kungfu Panda 2
..I loved the amused look on his face and the N number of questions during the movie
..the parents loved the movie more than the kid did :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter to my little one -2

This letter has a special reason sweetheart. We all SAW you ..yeah this saturday we all saw you :):)

And you were thinking something really important, with your eyes closed and your hand on your forhead , covering half of your eye. When dotor focused on other parts of body , you removed your hand for a while but again had it back as soon as she focussed your face again. Were you feeling shy is what I wonder :)

Your papa thinks you look like your bhaiya , especially your nose :) Which also means you look like your mumma :D :D

Your bhaiya was quite zapped to react. He just asked why are you not looking at us and why you have your eyes closed.

Your papa came home running with the reports and spent good time looking at your pictures again.

I am still not able to get over your face. I can still see it so clearly. And the pose where you have your legs up in the air and you were trying to kick :)

Hugs sweetie , grow well :)

Summer vacation crafts

I wanted to do lots of activities with Aryan, this summer but did not have enough strength and stamina. Here is little we did :

Paper Plate Lion :

Egg Carton Tulips

They found a place in our showcase :

Some more coming soon !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dressing up fiasco :)

Aryan was dressing himself up and did not open the top button of shirt and did not even realize it.
And while tucking the shirt in the pants , he was frustrated since he could not understand why it was short :)

By the way ..the guy recently started owning his own disney fame deo and talc , inspired by his dear dad and Anirudh bhaiya :)

How big is the baby ?

Aryan keeps asking me how big is the baby and I keep telling him what I read from previous week's baby center's news letter. So last week baby was the size of a banana.
When I told him this he asked me "jab bahar aayega tab kiske jitna bada hoga ? "
I was in the middle of some work on my laptop , so I showed him with both my hands the approx size. But he wanted comparison with some object he can relate too. And so I blurted out "laptop jitna "

Now day before yesterday he again asked , "how big is baby now ? Bigger than banana ??" I said yes! "Like the laptop ..yay it will come out now" So I said no , not yet like laptop.

Again he wanted the size in terms of some object. The baby center said that the baby is 10.5 inches this week , size of a carrot. But the carrots that we get in Bangalore usually are hardly 5 inches :) So I as I said carrot , I was also thinking if he will be confused. So I clarified , the big red ones that we get sometimes na.

Thankfully he did not ask further about next size :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Papa felt you baby :)

I have been feeling you for long now. But your papa and Bhaiya were not able to feel you till now.

Yesterday evening though your papa got lucky. He had his hand on my stomach and I asked him at every kick if he felt anything and he said no. Then suddenly he shouted , "is baar laga , did she kick ??" Ofcourse you had kicked :)

And he was a happy man !!

For next few moments he was lost and when I asked , he said , he was getting nostalgic about the times when he used to feel Aryan and now Aryan is already sitting next to us :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making greeting cards

In our winter vacations (yeah ..winter, not summer) we made lots of greeting cards for the entire family and sent them to all for birthdays and new year.

Lazy Mumma forgot to post pics then ..better late than never !

Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter to my little one -1

An incomplete post that was in drafts forever...posting it now as I don't feel like discarding it

The letter was written on 8th March 2011

Sweet heart or as we fondly call you Runjhun and sometimes Rimjhim , you have been with me for about 10 weeks now and every moment since you came , no actually from few months before you even existed , all I have done is to think about you and to wait for you.

My dear darling , me , your dad , your brother , your grandparents , your tauji taiji , bua phupha ji , mama mami were all so excited the moment they came to know about your existence.

Your 4.5 years old brother Aryan keeps talking about you every single day. He calls you baby. Yeah baby , hamara baby , Aryan ka baby. Thats what you are for him. You should see how he gently touches my stomach and says "main baby ko paaru kar raha hoon" and how he tickles our my tummy and says "main baby ko tickli kar raha hoon" and when I tell him , baby is laughing inside , he says , "toh hasne do, aur hasne do".

I know that he thinks about you more than he actually talks about you. I saw him playing with an imaginary baby yesterday. And then his sudden questions (without a prior notice for me to prepare an answer !!!) makes me wonder how much you are actually on his mind.

Since 1-2 days he started kissing and talking to you. He will kiss n number of times on my tummy and won't actually give up unless he is literally forced to. I wonder how you will manage if he actually kisses you so many times when you are out :) And he will keep his mouth on my tummy and say hello or just shout in his shrill voice , telling me that he is talking to you. I am sure , you will repond to his voice more than mine when you are out.

Okay , now lets talk about you !!

You have been quite a sweet heart actually. You don't trouble your mumma as much as your brother did. Mumma is a lot less pukish and lot less tired than she was when your brother was in her tummy. Perhaps , experience and practice make a woman perfect :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Aryan narrates a story for his blog!!

Once upon a time there was a crab. then crab wanted to eat fish but crab cannot hold fish. then crab gets fishing rod. then crab got fish and ate fish. then he want his mumma.But mumma went to lion house. then baby crab went to tiger house but he cannot find mumma. then he saw tiger and shouted TIGERR!! Then tiger got disturbed. Then lion heard noise and said whose noise is that. Then mumma crab its my baby crab. Then lion open window and saw baby crab. Then baby crab went to lion house and found mumma.Then mumma crab and baby crab became happy and went gumma walky walky.

Note : The story was typed as narrated without any changes :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

First fight between siblings ..too soon is it ???

Your little kicks.. that I feel , off and on , make me feel so Blessed !!

Dear rimjhim aka runjhun aka baby aka jhunjhun , we love you and we are so desperately waiting for you !!

Your brother is so angry with you since you are making him wait so long , but I did explain to him that you need to grow up big and strong before you can come out.

And I know that yesterday evening , you pushed your brother back not once but twice. He did not realize it ofcourse. He needs to wait for you to grow stronger and soon he will feel your kick , when he would lean on my tummy :) 

 So yesterday marks your first fight with your brother :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Complimenting Mom and Dad

Yeah , yet again !! These days I frequently get compliments from my sunny. Like some of you know I got to hear the following on Apr 21 :

Mumma you are looking very cute today

Post that one day I got "Nice Dress Mumma"
Then day before yesterday I washed my hair and let them loose. So my son says , "Looking nice !! Your hair are very nice

First time I got a compliment for my hair and that too from a handsome little guy !!! WOW!!

And the same evening , Papa got lucky , when he got dressed for a dinner. "Nice Black Pants papa!!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1 - 1 = ?

We are going to visit both set of grandparents after an year now and obviously Aryan is super excited ever since I started preparing. And I usually start preparing 1 weekend in advance. So since Saturday he knows that we will go on vacation on coming friday.

And every evening he is counting how many days left for 10 days of vacation on his fingers. So I tell him , 5 fingers minus 1 ..whats left and he will tell 4 and so on

This morning I was trying wake him up and he was being lazy. So I played smart and asked , Aryan after we go today , 1 minus 1 what will be left ??? My idea was to excite him and wake him up.

The reply was "TEN" , followed by a sweet smile while the eyes were still closed.

Bad maths ..nope ..the smile told ..1-1 was 10 days holidays maths :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby and related questions :)

These days questions, statements and queries crop up without mumma having enough time to prepare answers. Now you ask if it was better earlier and I say yeah the questions were bit more managable.

Witness these :

"Mumma mujhe chota ho kar aapke tummy ke hole(naval) se, andar jana hai aur baby se mil ke aana hai."


Taking a candy out of his mouth , almost placing it on my tummy .."Mumma mujhe baby ko choclate dena hai" ,

So I said baby cannot have choclate , baby will have only milk till he is little old.

Aryan : "Milk , joh uncle laate hai"

Mumma : "No Aryan"

Aryan : "Then"

Mumma : "Jab aap baby the, toh kahan se milk peete the"

Viola , he points to the right place!!

Aryan : "Baby yahan se milk piyega"

Mumma : "Haan"

Aryan : "Yahan se milk aayega , ganda ya saaf"

Mumma : "Saaf :P"


One day after play time , when he did not get anyone to play with, he comes and tells :"Mumma jaldi baby nikalo"

And we had a long session explaining that baby will not be a playmate.


One fine day , "mumma we will have girl baby or boy"

Me : "What do you want Aryan"

Aryan : "Both, mujhe 2 baby chahiye"

You can see a freaking papa in the background :D

Mumma : "No aryan"

Aryan : wailing "No , I want 2"

Mumma : "yes yes , we will have 2 , your mami will get you one in may and mumma will get you one"

Aryan : "okay"

Phew !


Monday, April 18, 2011

Was it you ?

Early in the morening yesterday when I was still lazy in my bed , I felt a slight slap inside of my tummy. My instant thought was YOU. And then I thought it cannot be , since its only 16 weeks.

In most cases quickening is felt only after 19 weeks. I felt your brother in 19th week.

But then it happened again , around 11 am. And this time I googled. I figured out that some women do feel it in 16th weeks too and since its second time, I can expect it sooner. Then I almost got convinced that it was YOU.

Your excited papa started thinking names for you since that moment.

And I have been waiting since then baby , please knock me again baby.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mumma ko daanto

Saturday Morning :

Aryan : "Mumma aaj hum kahan jayenge"
Mumma : "Shopping"
Aryan : "Kya laana hai"
Mumma : "Mumma ki dress"
Aryan : "Aur meri"
Mumma : "Aapki last week laye na"
Aryan : "Aur baby ki"
Mumma : "Jab baby aayega tab"

Post shopping on phone with Nanu :

"Nanu Mumma ne apna dress laya , mera nahi , Mumma ko daanto"

After the daant :

"Nanu , Mumma ke tummy mein ek baby hai na , uska dress bhi nahi laaya , mumma ko daanto"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mumma ka gussa

One of these days , he said something and I shouted at him. So he walked slowly near me and rubbed his hands on the creases on my forhead. Then he smiled and said , " main aapka gussa thik kar raha hoon"

Needless to say I just forgot what I was angry about and I still don't remember :-)

How do these kids manage to be so lovable ??

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talking about the Baby

A post from my drafts :

On 1-mar-2011  at a restaurant :

Aryan : "Mummmaaa, aapne baby ke upar khana daal diya"
Me : "No Aryan , don't worry , baby ke upar nahi daala"
Aryan : "Baby tummy mein hai na"
Me : "Baby doosre packet mein hai , food dusre"
Aryan : "Papa ???"
Papa : "haan aryan baby ka box alag hai, dont worry"
Aryan : "okay"


Next day at night , when he was lying next to me and moving his legs up and down quite fast.

Me : "Aryan aaise leg mat chalo , baby ke lag jayegi."
Aryan :" Main right leg hila raha hoon , baby ke nahi lagegi , main careful hoon."
Aryan :" Mumma jis packet mein baby hai uska naam kya hai"
Me : "Uterus"
Aryan : "ok"
Aryan : "Aapke paas baby diaper hai "
Me : "Nahi , jab baby aayega tab layenge"
Me : "Aryan , who will clean baby potty"
Aryan :" aap"
Me :" okay , and baby ko khana kaun khilayega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "acha , aur baby ko paaru kaun karega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "arre , aap paaru bhi nahi karoge , then aap kya karoge"
Aryan : *giggles* "main baby ko apne toys doonga , roz one toy" *giggles*
Me : "Aur Paaru"
Aryan : "ummm..okay ..main paaru karoonga , main abhi paaru kaaroon"
And gently starts moving his hand on my tummy.
"main softly kar raha hoon"
And then he wanted to see my tummy , to see the baby :)


Aryan : "Mumma hum hema baby layenge ya Krish baby ?"
Mumma : "It will be Aryan's baby"
Aryan : "Hema or Krish"
Mumma : "You mean Boy or Girl ?"
Aryan : "haan"
Mumma : "Mujhe nahi pata Aryan , bhagwan ji jo baby denge wohi layenge"
Aryan : "Aap bhagwan ji se pooch lo na"
Mumma : "Aap pooch lo Aryan , aap bol do bhagwan ji ko aapko kaun sa baby chahiye"
Aryan :  Goes to a ganesha calender and comes back , "Mumma maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe Hema baby chahiye ,okay"

Okay Beta , Amen !

Monday, March 28, 2011

Aryan ka baby

Yes , Aryan ka baby is in making !!
And this is how he reacted when I told him the news on 2nd Feb.

He was playing with me and was about to sit on my stomach , so I told him, " isme baby hai Aryan".

and he goes .."aapne baby lagaya"

Then I  told  him , "abhi bhagwan ji baby bana rahe hai ..bahut din mein banega"
so he goes
"bhagwan ji bhi andar hai"

I said yes :P

so he says .." andar kyo bana rahe hai ..bahar kyo nahi "

Then  he started kissing my tummy  and I said thank you

so he says .."aap kyo thankyou bol rahe ho"
"main baby ko pucha kar raha hoon"

The next day he was asking "mumma jab main tummy mein tha bhagwan ji bhi andar the :) "

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bubble gum

One day .. "Mumma aap mere liye bubble gum lana"

Mumma surprise , where the hell did he learn bubble gum ?????

Mumma : "Bubble gum kya hota hai Aryan?"

Aryan : "Usse khate hai"

Mumma : "Okay , aapne khaya ?"

Aryan : "Nahi , woh bus mein big girl hai na , woh kha rahi thi"

Mumma : "Okay , we will get"

So its the bus where he learnt Bubble gum from. But thankfully he forgot that for the next few days.

But soon enough somewhere at a fast food chain , we got a complimentary pack of chewing gum and there was a shout ..."Wow Mumma , Yeh bubble gum hai ..mujhe khana hai"

Now there was no going back. So I explained him how the thing is to be chewed till it is juicy and then thrown and not swallowed.

The entire packet was in and then out of the mouth one by one within 30 minutes since the juice in the bubble gum lasted only that much of the time :-)

Thankfully , he thinks that only THAT fast food chain gives bubble gum and no one else and hence no more demand since then :-)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sensitive ???

Is that the word for him ..I am not sure but sometimes he amazes me with what he says.

One day after daycare , he was in a bad mood when I picked him up , so I asked what happened.

Aryan : "Anisha bad girl hai"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Usse mere saath khelna tha"
Me : "Toh ?"
Aryan : "Mujhe uske saath nahi khelna tha , mujhe Krishita ke saath khelna tha "
Me : "aap dono ke saath khelo"
Aryan : "NO"
Me : "Toh aap usko bolo ki I dont want to play with you today"
Aryan : "Nahi"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Agar main aaise bolunga toh woh cry karegi na"

Aryan : "Papa aaj Joshi ne mujhe pinch kiya"
Papa : "Acha , aapne kya kiya"
Aryan : "Maine Cry kiya"
Papa : "Kyo woh itni choti bachi hai , aap usse pitai kha ke aate ho." (She is a year younger than him and small built)
Aryan : "Haan, Agar main usse pinch karta toh woh cry karti , isliye nahi maine pinch nahi kiya"


One day during our cuddle time , I told Aryan : "Aryan aap mujhe itne pyare kyo lagte ho ?"

Aryan : "Kyoki main bahut CUTE hoon na "

Me : "Acha , yeh kisne bola "

Aryan : "Kyoki main bacha hoon na , bache bahut CUTE hote hai"

Me : "Is it ? Yeh kisne bola "

Aryan : "Anisha , usne bola bache CUTE hote hai" (She is his friend of same age)

Me : "okay" And a BIG KISS

Friday, February 18, 2011

Talking to grandparents

Few days back one evening I noticed Aryan lying on the bed with one leg resting on the other and talking on my mobile. I knew he was talking to my dad , by his tone. I went inside and came back after 15 minutes and found him in same situation. I was surprised at what he was talking for so long. The next day my mom told me the conversation :

Aryan : "Hello"

My Mom : "Hello Aryan"

Aryan : "Namaste , Nanu hai kya"

My mom : "Haan and gave phone to my dad"

Aryan : "Hello Yaar !, Kya kar rahe ho" (Yes , he calls my dad Yaar sometimes and ofcourse my dad encourages that saying they are friends ..what can I do about it :P)

My Dad : "Hello Yaar !"

Aryan : "Aapke ghar train aayi kya , mujhe train ki awaaz sunao" (Near their house there is a train track)

My Dad : "Abhi train nahi hai"

Then they spoke for sometimes about various things...

After sometime ..

Aryan : "Train aayi"

My Dad : "Nahi , jab train aayegi toh main aapko phone kar ke train ki awaaz suna doonga"

Aryan "Okay , bye"

Kept the phone. Called again in 2 mins :

Aryan : "Hello Nani , Jab tak aap phone karoge train chaali jayegi , its okay main hold karta hoon , I dont mind , aap baat karo mujhse"

And so they spoke till there was a train :)

Main toh bacha hoon!

On 16th Feb was our anniversary. So we bought a pastry slice and told Aryan that this is small cake that we will cut since its our anniversary. And he asked , where is the party popper. Ofcourse we did not have any.

So I told him , "Party popper toh bache chalate hai , mumma papa toh big hai na"
and pat came the reply "toh main chalaonga na , main toh bacha hoon na"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Socho ki phulo ka shehar ho...aur usme kaun ho ?

Today during bath :

Mumma : "Socho ki phoolo ka shehar ho"

Aryan : "Lehro pe apna ek ghar ho "

Mumma : "Aryan ho Mumma ho Papa ho"

Aryan : "Baby ho"

Mumma : :-P

NOPE , there is no baby as of now , not even in making , however thats on his mind , thanks to all his friends with siblings , he wants "Aryan ka baby".

Friday, January 7, 2011

The P word

Yeah , he is all fasicinated by the P word these days and its a part of all conversations and fantasies.
We have been trying all tricks and tactics to avoid the use of P word but its not helping much.

So day before yesterday I told him , that you should not say "P****" all the time
He asks "why"
And I tell him , because "P**** is dirty"

Here is the after effect of the conversation :

Today Morning , "Aryan , take your bath"
"Because you are dirty"
"Mumma , P**** bhi dirty hoti hai , main usko bhi bath kara dunga"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Talking Talking and Talking

is what he is upto these days.  He talks a LOT !! And he broadcasts everything. And he mimicks all of us. And he tells everyone that he has become naughty :P

And he makes me feel like ..ummm ..what do I do with this guy ..grrrrr !! But he is a cutie ..grrrr !!! :-)

Some snippets :

We made a birthday card Aryan's dadi's birthday to surprise her when she comes and the guy calls dadi to tell .."Dadi maine aapke liye card banaya"

Fine surprise gone ..the next day we order a cake and before we can get out of the shop , he calls her again to give the update :P

One of the days , my stomach is upset and I puked early in the morning. I am happy that the in-laws have gone for their morning walk and I won't be questioned about ***early morning puking***.

As soon as they are back , "Dadi jab mumma ne vomit kiya tha na….."

Dadi : "Kab ?"

Aryan : "Abhi jab aap walk karne gaye the"

He does something to irritate me and then before I can say something , he comes up with my reaction.

"Aryan , Mumma ko pareshaan mat karo"

And then he says :"main mumma ki nakal kar raha hoon"

and then again thinks of my reaction and says that

"aryan aap bahut maughty ho gaye ho"

"aryan mumma ki nakal nahi karte"

and then he giggles :P

He does something naughty in the morning and then giggles and tells me : " Mumma main subah bhi naughty ho gaya hoon" "Main sare time naughty ho gaya"

Then in the evening again he does something funny and says "Mumma main shaam ko bhi naughty ho gaya " "Main 10 times naughty ho gaya hoon"

THE WHY back.

Every sentence these days has WHY or KYO ?

Yesterday :

"Mumma paani mein dalne se kapde gile kyo ho jate hai "
Mumma scratching her head for an apt answer
Meanwhile son pops out the answer himself :
"Kyunki paani geela hota hai na !!!"

P.S : The lazy Mumma will try to post more often !! And the Cutie Aryan wishes everyone Happy New Year !