Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talking about the Baby

A post from my drafts :

On 1-mar-2011  at a restaurant :

Aryan : "Mummmaaa, aapne baby ke upar khana daal diya"
Me : "No Aryan , don't worry , baby ke upar nahi daala"
Aryan : "Baby tummy mein hai na"
Me : "Baby doosre packet mein hai , food dusre"
Aryan : "Papa ???"
Papa : "haan aryan baby ka box alag hai, dont worry"
Aryan : "okay"


Next day at night , when he was lying next to me and moving his legs up and down quite fast.

Me : "Aryan aaise leg mat chalo , baby ke lag jayegi."
Aryan :" Main right leg hila raha hoon , baby ke nahi lagegi , main careful hoon."
Aryan :" Mumma jis packet mein baby hai uska naam kya hai"
Me : "Uterus"
Aryan : "ok"
Aryan : "Aapke paas baby diaper hai "
Me : "Nahi , jab baby aayega tab layenge"
Me : "Aryan , who will clean baby potty"
Aryan :" aap"
Me :" okay , and baby ko khana kaun khilayega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "acha , aur baby ko paaru kaun karega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "arre , aap paaru bhi nahi karoge , then aap kya karoge"
Aryan : *giggles* "main baby ko apne toys doonga , roz one toy" *giggles*
Me : "Aur Paaru"
Aryan : "ummm..okay ..main paaru karoonga , main abhi paaru kaaroon"
And gently starts moving his hand on my tummy.
"main softly kar raha hoon"
And then he wanted to see my tummy , to see the baby :)


Aryan : "Mumma hum hema baby layenge ya Krish baby ?"
Mumma : "It will be Aryan's baby"
Aryan : "Hema or Krish"
Mumma : "You mean Boy or Girl ?"
Aryan : "haan"
Mumma : "Mujhe nahi pata Aryan , bhagwan ji jo baby denge wohi layenge"
Aryan : "Aap bhagwan ji se pooch lo na"
Mumma : "Aap pooch lo Aryan , aap bol do bhagwan ji ko aapko kaun sa baby chahiye"
Aryan :  Goes to a ganesha calender and comes back , "Mumma maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe Hema baby chahiye ,okay"

Okay Beta , Amen !

Monday, March 28, 2011

Aryan ka baby

Yes , Aryan ka baby is in making !!
And this is how he reacted when I told him the news on 2nd Feb.

He was playing with me and was about to sit on my stomach , so I told him, " isme baby hai Aryan".

and he goes .."aapne baby lagaya"

Then I  told  him , "abhi bhagwan ji baby bana rahe hai ..bahut din mein banega"
so he goes
"bhagwan ji bhi andar hai"

I said yes :P

so he says .." andar kyo bana rahe hai ..bahar kyo nahi "

Then  he started kissing my tummy  and I said thank you

so he says .."aap kyo thankyou bol rahe ho"
"main baby ko pucha kar raha hoon"

The next day he was asking "mumma jab main tummy mein tha ..tab bhagwan ji bhi andar the :) "

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bubble gum

One day .. "Mumma aap mere liye bubble gum lana"

Mumma surprise , where the hell did he learn bubble gum ?????

Mumma : "Bubble gum kya hota hai Aryan?"

Aryan : "Usse khate hai"

Mumma : "Okay , aapne khaya ?"

Aryan : "Nahi , woh bus mein big girl hai na , woh kha rahi thi"

Mumma : "Okay , we will get"

So its the bus where he learnt Bubble gum from. But thankfully he forgot that for the next few days.

But soon enough somewhere at a fast food chain , we got a complimentary pack of chewing gum and there was a shout ..."Wow Mumma , Yeh bubble gum hai ..mujhe khana hai"

Now there was no going back. So I explained him how the thing is to be chewed till it is juicy and then thrown and not swallowed.

The entire packet was in and then out of the mouth one by one within 30 minutes since the juice in the bubble gum lasted only that much of the time :-)

Thankfully , he thinks that only THAT fast food chain gives bubble gum and no one else and hence no more demand since then :-)