Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mereka Happy Bday

You started waiting for this day perhaps from your previous Birthday.

Every time you attend a birthday party you ask , "Mumma mereka happy bday kab aayega"

Then you plan minute details ,

"Main Pooh bear cake laaonga , nahi cartoon wala , tom and jerry"

"Main party popper karoonga"

"Main baloon burst NAHI karoonga"

"Mumma didi aayegi mereke bday mein?"

etc etc etc

And here it is ... "Mereka Happy Birthday"

I could see this morning how you were on cloud 9 , with people calling you from around the world , I could see a ring in your voice as you said "Thank you !"

I hope your birthday turns out just the way you wanted it to be. Hope you have loads of fun today and on Sunday , when we are having over your cousins for lunch.

I hope you have 100 such birthdays and I wish that all your plans for each of those birthdays come true !

And all your plans for days between birthdays also come true !

Lots of love to my little - BIG BOY !

Thursday, July 1, 2010


YAAAAYYY !!! We won a bronze medal , for THIS project !! YES the prestigious Artsy-Craftsy challenge !! Hip Hip Hurray!

Check this out here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Assertive with his Demands!

Scene :
Aryan loves mom-made burgers (anti-jinx!!). So after he finished his burger.

Aryan : "Mumma give me camera"

Mumma : "Why"

Aryan : "Aapne bahut acha burger banaya na , main aapka photo khichoonga"

Mumma was on 11th heaven !


Scene : Super market Entrance

Aryan : "Mumma jab nanu nani aaye the , toh unhone mujhe paise diye the na , bola toy lana"

Mumma : (Shocked !!! He never really demanded anything till date) "Okay!"

Aryan : "Toy lena hai"

Mumma : "Okay lets see the toy section , what you want"

Aryan : (spots Play doh !) "Play doh!"

Delighted Mumma picks 4 different colours of play doh !

Aryan : (spots a big set of sketch pens) "Yeh bhi lena hai"

Mumma : "Do you know what that is?"

Aryan : "thats XYLOPHONE"

Mumma : "Its not xylophone , we will get you xylophone tomorrow"

Scene change : Next day in a gift shop , buying gift for a birthday party.

Mumma notices a xylophone , remembers her promise and shows it to Aryan. Aryan is delighted and wants to buy that. After sometime , while we are still looking for gift for the party,

Aryan : "Mumma I want MIKE"

Mumma : "Okay , choose between xylophone and mike"

Aryan is confused for long time

Mumma : "Okay , lets buy xylophone today and mike on your birthday"

Aryan : "okay"

Scene change : Aryan played with xylophone for an hour.

Aryan : "Mumma lo , I dont want xylophone now , I want mike now"

Mumma is too shocked to believe his new milestone.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crafts of the month!

No, we are not starting a monthly craft competiotion , Shruti is already doing a great job on that. We are just showcasing what all we did this month :-)

So here is our firt Origami craft , a hat from the book we got from Shruti Aunti !! THANK YOU SHRUTI AUNTI !

What you see below is the remains from a party popper ! Yes , Aryan is so fond of party popper that we was asking everyday about his birthday for the sake of it. So his dad got him one.

So this is what we did with the remains. A black canvas , which was painted long ago and was saved by mumma was used to make a shiny star !

And then we made a colourful house on the same day !

Showcasing his creation !

Now Shruti Aunti is talking about block printing , so we did something to mark our participation!

Another block printing attempt with potatos , but it is not neat and hence I am not giving it for the artsy crafty!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Confident to Over-confident

Last year when Aryan went for the first time in apartment's splash pool , he slipped in the water and water got into his tummy. As a result he vomitted and got scared of swimming pool.

Since that day , we kept on encouraging him to step into the pool,but did not succeed until last week. After and year or so, last week he stepped into the splash pool and then into the bigger pool (kids above 3 are allowed in the bigger pool under parent's supervision) and had a great time.

This weekend again he went to the bigger pool with his father. After splashing and playing for few minutes he tells his papa , "Papa aap ruko , main ek round leke aata hoon" (You wait here papa , I will go and swim a lap)

Anupam and I could not help laughing for minutes when he told me this. My little prince took little time from becoming confident to over-confident :-)

Anti-Jinx..Kala tika ..touchwood


Yesterday he was watching a cd on laptop , while I was sitting near by. So he slipped himself in my lap while he continued watching cd. So I asked :

"Aap mumma ki godi mein kyoooo baithe ho ?"

Aryan : Kyooki mujhe baithna haiiii"

Me : "Kyo baithna haiiiiii"

Aryan : "Kyoooki mujhe achaaaa lagta haiiiii"

Me : "Kyoo acha lagta haiiii"

Aryan "Kyoooooki mujhe mumma acha lagta haiiii"

The extra "i" and "o" are to indicate that the talk happened in quite a musical way :-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday night..

He took my hand into his and wrapped it around his body and hugged it tight and said "Yeh mera mumma hai , mera friend" and kissed my hand.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kal bhi nahi

So yesterday it was 1 phrase that dominated all the talks we had. Some examples :

Aryan : "Mumma mujhe bread khana hai"

Mumma : "Aryan ab roti khayenge"

Aryan : "Nahi mumma , mujhe bread acha lagta hai , maine kal bhi nahi khaya na bread!"

Aryan : "Papa aap TV dekho"

Papa : "Nahi Aryan , I am done"

Aryan : "Nahi Papa , aapne kal bhi TV nahi dekha na!"

Aryan : "Mumma book padenge"

Mumma : "Thodi daer baad"

Aryan : "Nahi Mumma , maine kal bhi book nahi pada na"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeh Kaun laya ?

"Yeh kaun laya ?" is the latest question on his mind for each and EVERY THING. For eg.

"Mumma, wall kaun laya ?"
"fan kaun laya ? , Aur AC ?"
"Yeh Tshirt kaun laya ?"
"Tub kaun laya ? , Aur soap , aur bathroom ?"

So you get the zing , don't you ? We try to be sane and reply to these questions to perfection as much as possible. But there are things that we don't really remember that who actually bought those but he won't leave us without an answer and so we say "Mumma laya" or "Papa laya" just to close the topic.

So this weekend it happened like that :

Aryan : "Mumma Aryan soap kaun laya"
Mumma : "ummm..Mumma laya"
Aryan : "Nahi maine papa se poocha , papa ne bola , papa laya"
Mumma : (ufff...He is cross verifying also :P) "Haan , Mumma aur Papa dono laya"
Aryan : "Aur main ? Main bhi laya ?"
Mumma : (thinking , let me tease him ;-) ) "Nahi , Aryan nahi laya , Mumma aur Papa gaye the"
Aryan : " Nahi Mumma , Aryan bhi gaya tha , aapko pata hai , main aapki godi mein tha"

Now how to reply that ???

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Golden words..

"Mujhe school jana hai , mujhe school acha lagta hai"

I hope he holds on the feeling till June 9th :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Papa's AA

Every morning when Papa gets ready, Aryan asks him , "Papa kaun sa shoes" (which shoes you want to wear?) and runs to get those. Then while papa is wearing his shoes he runs to get Papa's Icard and car keys and hands them over to Papa. And then he goes hunting Papa's mobile and asks "mobile liya ?"

With such a efficient administrative assistant, how can Papa forget anything ?
I am sure Anupam is happy that atleast his son does all that his wife never did for him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never call him a big boy

Never call him a big boy because if he is big ..he should be able to drive Papa's car with KEYS !!

Yeah , Aryan has a one point agenda these days become big..since when is as big as papa he will be able to drive papa's car , WITH KEYS.

Papa does allow him to sit of driving seat and play with the stearing when the car is safely parked he does drives the car ..but papa never give him keys to drive the car.

So on rare occasions when he eats his veggies , he stands on his toes with hands held high and asks if he has become big.

When he is with younger kids , he asks me to notice that he is he stood next to Poppin's SweetPea (who is not even 2) and told me that mumma see I am big.

Last night there was a small lizard in the house and he was scared like anything when I told him that big boys are not scared with lizards , cockroaches and fire flies , like papa is not. And so he got thinking and checking all over again if he was big.

And Mumma can never tell him that he is a big boy now , because the moment mumma says "Aryan you are a big boy: , Aryan says "Main big ho gaya hoon na , toh main papa car chalonga , keys se "

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who will sleep where ?

Yesterday at bed time :

Mumma : "Aryan aap apne room mein ninna karoge"

Aryan : "Nahi"

Mumma : "Kyo"

Aryan : "Phir mujhe darr lagega"

Mumma : "Kyo , darr kyo lagega , wahan aapka mickey mouse hai , doll hai , aapka painting hai"

Aryan Listening

Mumma : "Main pooh bear wala bedsheet bicha deti hoon aapke liye"

Aryan : "Kyo"

Mumma : "Phir pooh bear aapke saath soyega na , toh darr nahi lagega"

Aryan : "Nahi , mujhe mumma paas sona hai"

Mumma quiet for few minutes. Suddenly a bulb lights and Mumma recalls ~nm's talks to Anirudh. So she strikes a conversation on similiar note.

Mumma : "Aapko small baby lana hai na , phir baby kahan soyega"

Aryan : (Patting at where his dad sleeps) "yahan"

Mumma : "Phir Papa kahan soyenge"

Aryan : "Papa apna pillow leke , Us room mein"

Mumma : (Thinking that this conversation would end exactly like ~nm's and Anirudh's) "Phir dadu dadi aayenge toh woh kahan soyenge?"

Aryan : "Dadu big room mein bed par soyenge, dadi apna pillow leke sofa pe soyengi"

(We have a diwan in living room)

But Mumma was wrong , he is one step ahead of his cousin, who atleast thought dadi dadu can sleep with papa in the other room (since papa is their betu! ). My son has moved dadi to sofa altogether. I wonder how dadi would react to the news :-)

Jab main bada ho jaonga..

Yesterday at bedtime :

Aryan :"Mumma , jab main bada ho jaonga , main papa car mein office jaonga , laptop le ke"

Mumma : "okay"

Aryan : "Papa right side mein baithenge , aap peeche baithna"

Mumma :"okay"

Aryan : "Papa office jayenge, phir main aap ko ghumma leke jaonga"

Mumma : "okay :D" (Hugs him tight and showers with kisses)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Mumma : "Aryan aapko pata hai aunty ke tummy mein baby hai"

Aryan (confused , touching aunty's tummy): "Kahan"

Mumma : "Tummy mein, thode din baad bahar aayega"

Aryan : "Mumma aap bhi tummy mein baby lagana ..theek hai"

Already buying me gifts :)

Yesterday night at bedtime "Mumma main aapke liye Papa car laonga aur keys bhi , theek hai , phir aap bhi Sanika ki mumma jaise car chalana..theek hai "

He wants to buy me a car like his dad's , with keys ofcourse , so that I can also drive car like other moms :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

And we get crafty again!

Holidays means fun and crafts and we made the following :

Caterpillar ..though it doesnot look like one and I could not find anything to make tentacles

Lady bug puppet - which hardly looks like lady bug though ..but it was 100% painted by the prince and so I have no complaints.
Paper Mache Musical Maracas - for Shruti ! Only because of her I tried hands on this.

An old ice cream container used as the base.
I have put some channa in it for the sound.
The handle is of rolled paper.
The ready structure was then dipped in paper mache paste.
And we then rolled it over on pieces of news paper.
Finally it was dipped again in paper mache paste.
We finally had a colourful Musical Maracas.

I wanted to make 2 but Aryan lost patience and so the other one was left like that.

Idea courtsey : google bhaiya as always. I cannot get so innovative myself :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holidays have started ..The Proof

We did first of the kinds ..plaster of paris crafts. These fridge magnets were painted by Aryan all by himself :-)

And I am sure you can see the other camera in the pic , thats him clicking his creations :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Papa ka mush kahan gaya ?

This Sunday Aryan's Papa shaved off his moustache for the first time in his life. So after the event , he went to Aryan to see his reaction. And Aryan started giggling looking at papa.

Papa : "Kya hua "
Aryan : "Mush nikal diya" giggles
Aryan runs to the bathroom

Aryan : "Kahan rakha"
Papa : "Kya"
Aryan : "Aapne Mush kahan rakha "

LOL , he thought papa has removed his moustache and kept somewhere. Papa and Mumma had tough time to make him understand that it was shaved off just as beard.

Aryan's afterthoughts to the episode :

After an hour :
Aryan : "Mumma mujhe Mush lagana hai"

At bedtime :

Mumma : "Aryan Papa ka Mush kahan gaya"
Aryan : giggles "Potty Mein gaya" (Meaning : It got flushed off!!!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holi Hungama

Aryan is back after having a whole lot of fun. He played holi first time ever and I bet he just LOVED it !!

They say a picture say more than thousand words and hence I leave you with these :

Thursday, February 11, 2010


On 5th Feb 2010 , he drew this on his right hand , using his left hand. And he is NOT a lefty.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He gives us compliments !

Yes he does !

  • The other day he told me , "Beautiful !" after I got ready for an outing.
  • This weekend he pulled out a shirt after his papa came from bath and tells him to wear that.
  • The other day he pulled out a T-shirt for him and when he wore it he told "Yeh Mujhe Pasand hai" (I like it !)
  • One day I had a hair band on and he tells , "WOW , Nice"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More crafts from January

We really had some kind of craft fever last month , here are some more proofs to that :

On 12th Jan 2010
Oil Pastel Resist

Idea from Sheela and Shruti
Aryan painted the water with a brush and then we finger painted the fishes !

Idea from here again

On 15th Jan 2010
Tissue Paper Fruits !

With Mumma's help

Artist at work

Artist at work

Independent creation

Idea from google
Submitting the Apple and Mango for this contest.

Monday, February 8, 2010

10 on 10 !

Aryan's Annual Day was on friday , 5th Feb. The school told to send the kids by 4 in the evening , while they would start the function at 6.30 Pm and the function would last for 3 hours or so, after which we can collect the kids from their classes.

Now , me being me was so apprehensive. Will he dance when he will see so many people. Plus it will be dark that time , will he feel Mumma left him in school overnight. All kinds of thoughts.

So I did my part and explained him the sequence of events as much as I could. When we reached there , we realized that the front rows were already full and we were almost in the center of seating area. We came to know that parents stood in line for 2 hours to get the front rows :O

The stage was huge with lots of flashing lights. Anupam declared that he is sure, Aryan will cry. I just told him not to underestimate my son and hope for the best !

The event started at 7.00 PM. It was a designed as a dream sequence of a small kid , who had all the fairy tales running in parralel in his fantasy. And like a movie the fantasy had dance and songs in between.

Aryan's class had the second dance on the song, 10 on 10 (Priyanka Chopra's song from Pyar impossible). The situation was when Snowhite's mother asked mirror , who is the prettiest of all and the mirror named her ! Apt for the situation , I must say !

So HE DID NOT CRY !! Actually none of the kids cried. They all moved...err..danced :) And they all did it pretty well. Considering it was their first encounter with stage , considering that it was dark , considering that they would not have seen such grand flashing lights before , they did it REALLY well.

It was tough to spot him actually. I saw him on the closeup on side screen twice. Anupam could not see at all , but later realized that he actually clicked him , when we saw the 2 photographs that we clicked after the function:) Others who sat in front row, told that initially when the lights came on him , he was dancing with his eyes(head turned up) on the roof :) Later he was dancing normal :)

The event lasted till 9.45 pm and the kids were waiting in their classes with teachers. All the parents were worried that the kids might have slept , might be crying and cranky etc etc. But we found them all happy and bubbling. And when I asked him , did he enjoy , I got a BIG YES as the answer :-)

Camera was not allowed officially but we carried (like everyone else) and clicked only 2 pictures :)

3rd boy (in pair) from the left, if leave the girl in solo

And the song , for those who have not heard it :

Friday, February 5, 2010

School Annual day today and I am more tensed than him. Wait for updates and wish us luck !

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Aryan suddenly comes and gives a very warm kiss to Mumma and says ,
"Mumma aapko chocolate khana hai"
Mumma : (surprised by sudden love and offer and thinking , lets see what he is upto) "haan, kahan hai chocolate?"
Aryan : "In the market"
Mumma : "Okay , so you will get from market?"
Aryan : "Yes , Aryan and Papa will get"
Mumma : "For me :-D"
Aryan : "yes , aapke liye aur Aryan ke liye "

Securing his chocolate in my name and wicked !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Favourite Songs

I have been wanting to post this for long but keep forgetting. A list of songs that Aryan loves to see on you tube !

Thande Thande Paani se
Lala Lala Lori

In both these songs he visualizes himself to be the kid and the man and woman as his dad and mom. He sometimes tries to enact the sequence. He sometimes runs to get and put a bindi for me. He sometimes asks me to wear sari tomorrow. He sometimes insist on me bathing with him and his dad. He sometimes wants to get into the laptop to play with that kid :-)

Chal Chal Chal Mere Haathi

This song started with lots of questions. Why is Aunty angry? Why is Uncle sitting on elephant ? Why is Aunty smiling ?
BUT yesterday , he held my hand , dragged me to the bedroom and sung "chal chal chal re mere HAATHI"

Haina Bolo Bolo

He remembers the full stanza of the song and sings it to us sometimes. Looks every cute !

Other favourite ones are

Lakdi ki Kathi - Now which kid doesnot like this one and yeah the you tube mania started from here only !
Bum Bum Bole - When the song starts , he hides behind me , saying I am scared of joker and as soon as joker turns into Uncle its fun !
Maine Kaha Phoolon se - He loves the dance here
Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Man jao - Reminds him of dadi
Sare ke Sare - Loves the little boy
Mera Raja Beta - Defined as Ninna wala song (sleep song)
Chanda hai Tu - Used to like it because I used to sing it to him when he was baby

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bday Card to Papa

Idea Courtsey : Google Bhaiya

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Monkey Story!

On 25th January we went sight seeing in Kodaikanal and at Green Valley view (sucide point) there were loads and loads of monkeys. Those monkeys were the most courageous monkeys we have ever seen in life. Humans don't bother them at all. Neither they are scared nor do they want to scare anyone. You can pass beside them like you are another monkey only :)

So one of these brave monkey saw a half consumed packet of chips in our taxi , which was parked by road side. It had 4 adults and a kid sitting in that and we were waiting for the driver. Just then the brave monkey came from driver's window into the car. It had all the adults and the kid (Aryan) screaming , in scare and in attempt to chase it away while within few seconds the monkey grabbed what it wanted and was out from the same window.

It left Aryan under terror. He could not believe that the monkey took his packet of chips under the nose of his parents. He cried in fear and his heart pumped like it would pop out. The parents and the rest of the junta tried to sooth him. But he kept crying after every few minutes thinking about the event.

He never got down from Mumma's lap the entire day. He was no longer interested in sight seeing and wanted to go home. He told mumma that "main monkey se gussa hoon. woh mera chips le gaya.mera yellow chips "

Later even in train , he asked why the monkey took his chips even though mumma had bought him another one by then.

Now the monkey story is a part of our life. Every night we narrate to each other , how the monkey took Aryan's yellow chips :-D

The Monkey whose brother scared Aryan out !

On a serious note though , we know he would take a looooooooong time to get over this monkey fear. Also , I wanted to take him to zoo soon , since he missed his school trip to zoo , due to our kodaikanal trip but now I fear that he would want to be carried the moment he would see monkeys in the zoo :(

Other real and not -so -real animals that Aryan encountered in kodaikanal :

Horse ride

Inside Lion's mouth

Dinosaur Ride

Deer Ride

Emu at the resort

Rabbits at the resort


Mickey MOUSE , Aryan clicked this

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A vote and a quiz !

Aryan participated in his first online competition and needs your votes to win ! Vote here!

He submitted 3 crafts and you can vote for whatever you like !

3. Thumbprint Grapes & lady bird
15. The fingerprint alphabet A craft
17. The watermelon

And also leaving you with a quiz , tell what you think he has drawn below :

And the winner is SWARAM AUNTY !!!!!

Answers :

Neelum Aunty is the Runner Up !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Every kid has some one in the family who they admire. This person is like a role model for them and they like to grow up to be that person. For Aryan that person is his tauji (father's elder brother).

I knew this forever that Aryan adores and admires his tauji. He doesnot have a buddy kind of relationship with tauji, like he does with his Nanu. He doesnot cuddle or spends time chatting with tauji often, like he does with his dadi. But still he adores him. He cannot say NO to tauji. If tauji say sit , he would and thats not because of fear. He loves everything that tauji do and possess and this ofcourse includes tauji car :-D

Yesterday , Aryan and I were cuddling and talking when I asked him what he did during his day. Here is part of that conversation :

Mumma : "Lunch mein Aryan ne kya kya khaya ? "
Aryan : "Dal , chawal and vegetable." (pause) "Aap vegetable kyo dete ho ? "
Mumma : "Vegetable khate hai , vegetable khane se Aryan big aur strong ho jayega."
Aryan : "Mujhe vegetable nahi khana. "
Mumma : "Kyo "
Aryan : (Naughty smile )" Mujhe vomit aata hai..giggles "(Vomit is new word in vocabulary from recent stomach infection)
Mumma : (smiles )" Naughty boy ..aapko Anirudh bhaiya aur Honey Bhaiya (cousins) jaisa strong and big hona hai na ? "
Aryan : "haan ..main big ho jaoga. Anirudh bhaiya big ho kar tauji car chalayenge ??? "
Mumma : "Haan "
Aryan thinking
Mumma : "Aapko tauji car chalana hai ? "
Aryan : "No..phir tauji gussa honge na"
Mumma :" Nahi , aap big ho jaoge , toh tauji car chala lena , tauji de denge "
Aryan : "Main big ho jaonga , tauji small ho jayenge ?? "
Mumma : (laughs ) "Nahi tauji bhi big , Aryan bhi big "
Aryan : "Main specs lagaonga , tauji jaise "
Mumma :" ok "
Aryan smiles

Below are some rare pics of the moments Aryan shared with his tauji :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

@Lumbini Gardens Bangalore

On 16th Jan 2010