Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tory is the new mantra in Aryan's household. And I figured it out, out of the blue.

I tried reading stories to Aryan several times when he was younger but it never worked. He was usually interested in picture reading only. He would just put his fingers on pics and ask "What is this?"

So I thought of just doing picture reading to him and avoided reading stories. But recently . one night he was hyperactive and I did not know how to calm him to sleep. And then I said , "Aryan chalo mumma story sunayegi". To my surprise he came running , saying "tory tory" and lied down by my side. And then I told him one story and then another and then another.

Its been a ritual since then. Every night he looks forward to my story telling session. And he doesnot want me to look away but to look in his eyes and tell stories with actions. So reading is ofcourse prohibitted.

He tries to immitate me and say the stories with me or ahead of me too :-)

Just for the record , I would mention the stories that work for us

1. Dog and his reflection (Dog tory)
2. Two cats and the monkey (cat tory)
3. The big Apple Tree (Parrot Tory)
4. Rabbit and Tortoise (Rabbit Tory)

In the process I have made up a few stories extempore also , coz he came up with wierd ideas , wanted me to tell stories about fan and light , About A , Paati and Aunty, etc.

Some of these stories go like this :

Fan and the light tory

Once there was a fan and a light in a ...(bathroom /bedroom/Aryan home..depends on what he wants). One day they started fighting.

FAn said , I am more important
Light said , I am more important

Then they decided to stop working for 1 hour each and see what happens.

So first fan stopped. Then Aryan started crying saying "bahut garmi hai"
So papa immediately got the fan fixed.

Then light stopped working. Then Aryan started crying , since it was dark.
So papa immediately got the light fixed.

So fan and light realized that they are eually important and everyone is equally important and became friends.

A and Paati and Aunty Tory

A went to Paati place but Aryan was not there , so A started feeling sad and lonely. Then Aunty told her to play with X,Y,Z etc. And they all started playing. So A felt happy and realized , More Friends means More Fun.


Some stories I made up too , to pass on some kind of message.

Like the mouse tory , where the mouse took away the teeth of a kid called Ansh coz Ansh did not brush.
So we should brush our teeth ..

"Brush your teeth , round and round"
"Brush your teeth , "Up and down"
"Brush your teeth , all around"

And the story of the kid who did not share his ball in the park and ended up bored while the other kid enjoyed playing with the ball with new friends.

Lets see how far we will go with this tory business , as of now its "troop ka ekka" for me !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Snippets From Aryan's World

Scene : We were almost about to doze off.
Aryan : "Diaper nahi pehnana kya ?"

Aryan : "Aapko dress change karna hai"
Me : "Nahi"
Aryan : "Aapko dress change karna haiii"
Me : "Nahi Beta ..kyo ?"
Aryan : "Mumma Aapko dress change karna haiii" (showing his wet arm) "Gili hai"
Mumma : "Ohh aapko dress change karna hai!!!"

And then we go :

"Bolo , mujhe dress change karna hai"
"I want to change dress"

This Aapko = Mujhe has been driving me nuts these days :-)


Scene : Aryan sees Papa taking shower

Aryan : "Papa Rain Rain Nahiya"
("Papa taking bath in Rain Rain")

Anupam : "Why do you teach him wrong things ?? can't you say shower"

Me : "I never told him , its his logical interpetation."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Some stuff we did this friday! And it made a space on the walls of Aryan's room.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kya Yehi Pyar Hai ...

In Aryan's daycare there is a little girl A. She lives in our apartment only. I always knew that they are friends but now , I am not sure if its just plane friendship ;-)

They both start jumping looking at each other. In the morning and also in the evening at the park. A usually goes to the park every day since her father works from home and is able to pick her in day light. We try to take Aryan to park whenever we can. So whenever we come early , we just dump bags and run for park.

Earlier I used to change Aryan's dress / sandals to shoes but now he does not have patience for that too. If I ask him to change he would tell me , "dress gili hai" meaning all the dresses are wet and so nothing to change :-P

There are days when we run to reach the park only to find that A is not there. On those days I try to encourage him to play with other kids But witness his reactions on few of such days.

Day 1 : After 5-10 minutes of waiting and loitering around , he stands tall on the top of the slide to see as far as possible and says with a sad face "A nahi aayi"
Day 2: Very excited to play with A , disappointed to not to find her , cries and comes back home.
Day 3 : A is not in play area, "Mumma no jhula, Gumma, lets go" , meaning lets walk around to see if A is playing somewhere else in the campus.
Day 4 : " After 15 minutes of waiting , "Papa lets go Ghar, mosquitoes"

And some incidents as told by day care teacher.

Incident 1 : Aryan and V (a boy) fought and so the teacher made them sit far for few minutes. A comes hold one hand of both of them and all the three start dancing.
Incident 2 : Aryan told A that V has hit him. A goes and hits V left and right. Comes back and Aryan and A play happily together.

And you know exchanging hearts is so old fashioned , these days its different.

Yesterday night in bed , Aryan holds his feet in hands and says "A ka hai" (this is A's feet), so I asked , ok where is yours and he says "A paas" (Thats with A).

He also insisted to call A to sleep with all of us yesterday but understood when I told him that A likes to sleep with her mom just like you do.

Now after reading all this , what do you say ?