Thursday, July 28, 2011

Romance ?

with a bus / daycare friend ?

Day 1 :

Aryan : Mumma I want a flower for J. She loves flowers. Give me a flower for school tomorrow.

Mumma : Aryan I cannot get flower early morning. Plus you will meet her only after school na will you keep it in school

Day 2 :

Aryan : Mumma , aaj maine school mein flower dekha , phir maine socha J ke liye le loon , but phir mujhe laga woh aaj shayad nahi aayengi, is liye maine nahi liya. Phir maine uska bus mein wait kiya. Maine ek girl ko dekha , uske baal J jaise the par woh J nahi thi. Phir ek girl ka bag dekha , barbie wala , J jaisa. But J nahi aayi , main sad ho gaya

Day 3 :

Aryan : Mumma maine J ko flower diya. Maine dekha school mein , ek plant , uspar flower tha , maine woh le liya aur phir maine bus mein J ko de diya. Woh bahut happy ho gayi.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking Marriage at 5 !!

Aryan : Mumma why do you have 2 Mummy and 2 Papa.
Me:Aryan, When I got married to Papa , his mummy papa also became my mummy papa and my mummy papa became his. So we both have 2-2 mummy papa.
Aryan : When I will get married , I will also have 2 mummy papa
Me : Yeah , when you grow up and will get married , you will also have 2 mummy papa.
Aryan : I will get married with J (his current best friend and lastest fascination at daycare)
Me : Yeah , whoever , we will decide when you grow up :P

And here are some pictures from his Birthday !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 is a big number!

Yeah ..its half a decade since I have been a mom ! Can I believe it ..NO !! My little baby is 5 already !! I am overwhelmed with emotions, cannot find words.

How did this year go ! Quite well. He has been a well behaved child for most part. He matured and started understanding things when we gave proper reasoning. He rarely throws tantrums now. He usually understands when we tell him no to something with a reason. He started showing more assertiveness about his likes and dislikes and his wants but without being unreasonalble. Which I really appreciate.

On the other side, he is still a very sensitive child. He cannot hurt anyone and gets over emotional and angry about small things. He becomes excessively possessive about his friend and doesnot want to share friend with anyone. Though the friend keeps on changing , it has been always a girl or the other in all these years and this makes the situation even more funny :-) He continues to be a shy baby and cannot gel with new people easily , shys away from saying hello and talk about his problems in school. He finds crying easier than talking when we are not around. We , especially his papa continues to worry endlessly over these behaviourial issues.

We moved him to a seperate bed , in our room itself 2-3 months ago. This was a part of preparing for the new baby. It has been going on fine and since last 2-3 months he has been sleeping well on his bed except 1-2 instances when he requested to sleep between us and I gave in.

The first day was more difficult for me than for him. I missed his cuddling and kicking and I kept checking for him every few minutes. I actually could not sleep that night. The next few days went fine mostly , except on some rare occasions when he rolled in to our bed without his knoweledge.

For past 1 month or so , even that did not happen. Now he sleeps well on his bed , just that we hold each other's hand till he falls asleep and if he happens to get up at night , he touches me to check that I am around.

Yesterday night though , I wanted him to snuggle with me. Somehow, the realization that he will be 5 , a big boy already , made me feel uncomfortable , jittery , excited and scared. I am not sure what's the correct word to describe that feeling.

So though I did not suggest him to move in to my bed , I initiated a talk which made him suggest that he wants to snuggle :P Selfish selfish me :P
And so we cuddled and slept. All the while thinking that these moments may not last for long. Soon he will be grow so old that this idea of cuddling with mumma will become wierd and funny to him. I just feel like time should halt here today. I just wish that I can continue to hold , hug and tickle him forever.

Cannot write anymore some links :)

Aryan's first pic with dad

Pics from Hospital

First Birthday pics

Second Birthday !

Third Birthday !

Fourth Birthday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paintings in daycare

These were made by Aryan in his activity class at daycare , with the help of teacher ofcourse ! There are loads but I love these ones , so keeping them here for record.

Editted to add : Just realized that this goes with Artsy crafty theme of the month !! So we submit an entry there after a long long time !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Field Trip to a Deaf School

Aryan's school took his class for a field trip to deaf school in last week of June. They wanted the kids to experience how is life different for differently abled and how blessed we are to have our senses. Earlier the plan was for blind school , but it seems like some parents objected on the idea of blind school since they did not want their kids to see that pain so early in life.

And so they went to deaf school. When I asked Aryan about the field trip , he told only little :

"We went far off. In big bus. Mujhe big bus mein bahut mazza aaya"

What did you see there ?

"Bache. Unki maam unhe hands se bata rahi thi"

"Do you know why the maam was telling them with hands ?"

No reply

"Because they cannot hear from their ears."


Thats about it. So I do not really know if he understood what he was supposed to understand. Perhaps the blind school would have made him think more. Since the children in deaf school looked like normal kids , these kids might not have really realized what is different.

However it was his first brush with the harsh realities of life.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bhoolna mat !

Yeah thats the instruction I got this morning ..for what ?? For finishing his leftover breakfast. He doesnot like to waste food, so when he thinks he cannot finish something he gives it to one of us and insists that we finish it.

This morning I gave him a banana and he did not eat it. So while leaving for school he tells me , "Mumma aap banana finish kar dena ..okay ..bhoolna mat!!"

On a different note , there is more I do not want to forget , so making use of the title :)

Yesterday he asked me , Mumma , can I call you Mother ?
So I said yes !
Aryan :Can I call you Mom ?
Me :Yes! You can call me Mumma , Mummy , Mom, Mother, Ma.
Aryan : And what can I call papa ?
Me : Umm..Papa , Dad , Daddy, Father, Pitaji
Aryan : Pita ji :D I will call you mother and Pitaji
Me : Okay
So yesterday full day I was addressed as Mother and Anupam was addressed as Pita ji. It was so funny to hear him say so. We participated in the fun by replying to him as Son and Putra.
Yesterday at bedtime , Mother when baby will come, we will take the baby in pram to parking. Then you lift the baby and I will fold and keep the pram in boot. Then you sit with baby in the back seat.

Me : No, you and baby will sit in back seat and Mumma will sit in front.

Aryan : Arree !!! NO , I will have to drive na , I will be big as Pita ji. Pitaji and baby can sit in back seat then.

Me : When you will be big as papa , baby will also be big ..right ??

Aryan confused now ..keeps thinking ..but baby might be tired walking so we can use pram ???

Me : Baby will not fit in pram when baby is big

Aryan : Hmm..but baby will first be small , 0 years , then 1 year then 2 , then 3 , then 4 like me ,then 5 , then only baby will be big ..hai na ??

Me : Haan

And thats where the dialogue ended. I do not know the conclusion though :D