Thursday, August 27, 2009

What happened when ..

..The Swine Scare hit all of us?

  • Schools and daycares got closed for a week
  • Mumma stayed at home (WFH) since Aryan needed someone around
  • After 2 days Aryan got pissed of in house arrest & got bored of his toys
  • And so Mumma decided to get crafty
  • And scratched her head and digged all the scrap
  • Thankfully we had left over birthday supplies at home

First one was this clown , the ball an ignored toy for 3 years , the eyes and nose were choclate wrappers, the mouth was cut from a torn face mask ..and cap know that !

Aryan went in total crafty mood after the clown. For the first time ever he loved an organized activity , thanks to school or his boredom !! So he wanted to do more !

Then came the Octopus , mumma found it over the web long long back and the idea was stored in the hard disc on mumma's head. All we needed was a metal hanger some crepe paper strips and an old gift wrapper , used the reverse for eyes and mouth :P

As we were done with the octopus , he wanted to make all the animals he knew , so we made the fish next !! Looks horrible , but you know Mumma cannot be all that crafty in a single day and ofcourse mumma collected supplies for 2 crafts only and this was on the spot !!

After fish he wanted lion , doggie , girraffe and what not ..pacified him somehow.
The next day we made a necklace and he wanted to wear it to school like M (a girl in his class) :-P

P.S : All the ideas were inspired from here and there and so I owe no copyright on ideas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How is his school going ?

Lets see ..

Every morning I have lot of trouble waking him up. Morning hours are way to stressful for both Anupam and me. Wake him up , push him to bathroom by hook or crook. Make him ready , rush to car. Feed him breakfast in the car and then drop him to the school , just in time and sometimes late by few minutes. Being late can be attributed to Aryan or traffic and that depends.

At the school when we drop him there are multiple kinds of behaviour and thats perfectly his choice. I don't remember dates , but witness some of his days :

Day K : We talk on the way :

Me : "Aryan why do you cry at school, school mein maza aata hai na"
Aryan : "Haan"
Me : "Then"
Aryan : "Mumma papa saath , car jana hai"

Day X : As the car stops at school he says to himself , "Ab cry karna hai" (Now I have to cry)

Huh that a custom now ? Is what I think:-P

Day A(happens to be monday): On a friday night he tells me that "Aryan kal school cry nahi karega"
(Aryan will not cry at school from tomorrow)

Cool ..why the hell its a friday ..GRRR think :P

Anyway , he doesnot cry on THE monday and tuesday and say a bye with a sad smile.

WOW think

Damn the school closes for swine fear for a week.

Day Y(School opens after swine fear) : Again a bye !!

Yippe thinks

Day Z(We reached late to school) : While I am talking and explaining why we are late , he bursts into tears :(

Day B(Yesterday) : On the way he says "Aryan cry karega" and he does.

Day C (Today) : On the way, in the car we speak ,

Me: "Aryan school mein maza aata hai na "
Aryan : "Haan"
Me : "Aryan aap cry nahi karoge na"
Aryan : "Aryan cry karega"
Me : "Kyo , cry karna acha lagta hai"
Aryan : "Haan" (spots his school's lane) "I-card lagao, school aa gaya"
Me : (putting the I-card) "Ok , then cry loudly"
Aryan : "Nooo , shout nahi karte" (spots school buiding) "Bag taango , school aa gaya"

And he goes off , crying but not shouting :-P

In the evenings , he has loads of stories to tell , from how they played on slide , what they ate , what they painted , how they excercised , what did his teacher wear , who came and who did not , which poem he learnt etc etc and he communicates all of that in parts and pieces just before bed :)

Now you get the answer..please let me know if you did :-P

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me not allowed to be angry :(

These days Aryan can be a brat. Can do anything he wants. But I cannot be angry. Forget angry , I cannot even show my displeasure in casual way too. Because the moment I say , "Aryan why did you do so ?" or "Aryan see what you have done ?" or "Aryan you should not be doing this " or "Aryan say sorry" or I just keep quiet or I don't smile at him , there is a big hungama. He cries and makes whole lot of fuss saying "Mumma gussa ho gayi" and that goes on and on till I give up and pamper him and show him in all possible ways that "Mumma gussa nahi hai" GRRR....

On a seperate note : The role play went fine I guess. All I got to know was :

"Aryan horse bana tha" , "Mummy wala mask" , "maza aaya", "X duck bana tha" , "Maam camera photo"
and the mask was missing from the bag though tail came back intact in bag.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

..and there was a horse..

Today in the school they will go over the tail and mask err..the tale of a busy horse spider :D

YEAH YEAH got it right !
Today they have a class activity where they will go over a tale of the busy spider and students need to dress like the characters. Aryan has to be a horse.

Now ..thats the activity for the mom do I make him a horse is what I thought when I saw the a dress , buy a dress..naah ..that would be too much work for a class activity :-P

So google bhaiya jindabad ..googled horse masks and made one. (I really hope it looks like a horse though :-P ) And a tail , ready made :-P

But he doesnot have a brown Tshirt/ what will the horse wear ???
I told him , you will be a black horse with brown face and tail..LOL!

Lets see how it goes :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

School Crafts - 1

These are the things that he has made in his school till date. Sorry, Correction : These are the things that his ma'am made for him in school till date. Yeah , When I asked him "who made this , Aryan made " , pat came the reply "No Ma'am made". So very honestly :D

Though for the friendship band he himself told that " Ma'am banaya aur Aryan banaya". So except for the friendship bands he doesnot himself honour his contribution to the crafts :-)

This First Craft. This is supposed to be a dalmatian mask with a missing ear , which came seperately in the bag but I misplaced it somewhere :P
They showed them the movie as well.

A ScareCrow. Last month one day was celebrated as scarecrow day(don't ask me WHY?) and thats when they did this.

A Strawberry

A friendship band. 3rd August was celebrated as friendship day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthday Update

I know I have been lazy with this one but better late than never. Here are the details on how we celebrated his birthday :

Celebration at school : They just allow us to send simple (non-icing) plain cake for the kids. And so we did the same. The cake would have been cut and distributed in class. Here is the update I get from him : "School mein bread (cake without icing = BREAD) kata, P Maam bread kata.Aryan Happy Birthday to you kiya, M (a girl in class) ne ulta clap kiya(followed by demo) , S ( a boy in class) ne aaise (followed by demo) clap kiya."

Celebration at day care : We reached there around 5 pm with cake and birthday caps. Prince Charming was all excited to see us , felt shy to be the centre of attraction. The kids patiently waited for cake to be arranged. The cake was cut , served and sweets distributed and we came home.

Celebration at home : Aryan's dadi instructed on phone to make poori and kheer for Aryan on his birthday and so it was done. Aryan was too happy after all the attention , happily had all the yummy food without a fuss.

Party on weekend : On 25th we planned a kiddy kinds birthday party with Aryan's cousins and his close friends from daycare. The theme was thought to be pooh for Aryan LOVES Pooh. Party was in the apartment's function hall. It was tough to explain Aryan that we were preparing for HIS birthday party , since it was actually first party we organized. He thought we are getting ready for X or Y's birthday party.Finally we reached the hall with the stuff , did some basic decoration. Aryan swamped the cake and licked his fingers a little as he was way too excited to see a BIG POOH cake. Guests arrived. And finally our son started believing that it was all for him. He played like mad and was sweating before the cake was cut :D

Like I told it was the first party that I organized and so my inexperience did show at so many places like I forgot to make popcorns , distribute caps , open party popper , burst the centre balloon etc etc. Thankfully the kids were prompt to ask and collect their return gifts :D

In all ,inspite of all my forgetfullness the party was enjoyable atleast to the kids :)

When I asked Aryan later , "Maza aaya" the reply was , "Yes , gym (the party hall has gym next to it :P) mein bahut maza aaya"

For the records , on the menu was :
A pooh Cake , Samosas , Sandwiches ,Pizza , Ice cream , Soft drinks , Cookies & Chips AND OFCOURSE POPCORNS THAT WERE NEVER SERVED :P

And below is my naive attempt to design his birthday invite :

(Details hidden)

I do not have many blogworthy pics (I forgot to click :P), but regular readers can mail me if you wish to see.