Sunday, June 29, 2008

When Aryan Cooks

Just a glimpse of various dishes cooked by the great chef !!

Cooking Breakfast

Garlic is good for health

Cardboard Blocks with potatoes for Lunch

Apart from these , he cooks Coloured blocks with potatoes , Stuffed Full onions , Stuffed Tomatoes , Lego Blocks Korma etc. To conserve energy he always uses pressure cooker.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quirky or Cute ?

1. He cannot see Mummy or papa barefoot. He runs to get slippers for us. One day, he woke up at midnight due to cough. So while he was awake, he started crying because I was standing barefoot :-P.

2. He feels that the cook needs all the vessels in the house for cooking and keep giving him one after the other.

3. He thinks that only Nanu(My father) calls me on my phone , so if its my phone , he needs to talk to Nanu.

4. He loves his shoes and so if you wish to remove his pants , do it without removing the shoes.

5. If Mumma opens the window in the car , papa should follow and vice versa. And why can the AC be not on , with glasses down.

6. He calls me papa at times.

7. Whenever he sees a Auto Ricshaw on the road, he says "auto" and continue repeating till I say "Yes Auto". Now considering the amount of autos on Bangalore roads , you can imagine the situation.

8. When in bedroom, he hears every auto going on the road , he shouts "AUTO".

9. When Anupam goes to bath, he stands at the door , with his own towel and knocks and says "TOWEL"

10. When he brushes, he imitates the sounds Anupam makes while cleaning his tongue.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Collage & Painting

These days we are trying to occupy Aryan into something constructive. So we made some collages and paintings. The first one using stickers(don't remember date) and the 2nd and 3rd using cuttings from news paper and magzine(7th June 2008). I wanted to use fruits theme but when we were done with fruits , Aryan still wanted to do more. So Anupam cut out whatever made sense to Aryan and I applied glue and aryan pasted.

The painting was also done on 7th June.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Aryan creates his own sky, right under our roof with mummy/papa's help. Papa/Mummy make the celestial bodies and Aryan paste them to the sky. And who said that sky can only be light blue and not light yellow ????

P.S: Don't worry, play doh is given under strict supervison only.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun at Anupam's Office

Anupam's company celebrated family day on last Saturday(They do it every year). Aryan was thrilled to see the stage. He wanted to shake a leg on the music and so I let him go on the stage , till they started the event.The event was nice and the theme was fims of 70's. I must say that they had put in lot of hardwork and money. The food and snacks were great as well.

After the cultural event started , Aryan got uneasy due to the loud music. And so we went upstairs to Anupam's desk. Aryan ran around the whole office , while I peeped into the balconies to see the dances.

There was a carnival as well in the basement.The theme was again the 70's. They had sugar cane juice , popcorns , Tatoos , Caricature , pottery , bouncy,Merry Go Round and SO MANY things there Aryan enjoyed the Merry Go Round.

We could not click to many pics as we were too busy enjoying :-P But you can have a glimpse :

"Shake a leg"

"My Car"

"Dadu Kind of Scooter"

"Pot Making"


"Run Fast"


"Mumma's Glares"

"Masti :-)"

"Playing with my NEWEST Friend"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Look - Cow & Stars & Birds!

The Apple Fever is over. Now the new favourites are COW (Should see his 100$ smile when he spots a cow) , STARS (Even Fan is a Star) and Birds. Hence this page deserved a new banner and background. So as always Aryan's Taiji came to rescue. She had fifteen minutes and look the new page has it all , Cow , Bird and Stars !!! THANK YOU TAI JI , YOU ROCK !

Here is a glimpse of the old page :

Do let me know what do you think about the fresh look!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What not , for a SMILE !

These days , if you will see a guy with a beach hat and a dholak in our house. That is none other than the head of the family , my husband and Aryan's father. The guy has to do all that just to bring a smile on his son's face. The ritual is , as soon as father enters the bedroom , the toddler will come running with the hat and dholak. The father will wear the hat and 'drum' the dholak. This happens as many times a day as possible.