Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008


Papa's new name : "Appa"
Mumma's new name : "Appa"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Flashback at 100

I just realized that this is going to be my 100th post and so I thought of stopping by and taking a look back.

Its almost an year when I started this blog , to write all about my little son , things that I was sure I will forget sooner or later , things that I never would like to forget. Things that I think Aryan would love to know. Like, I would have definitely loved if I knew what was my first favourite toy , I am happy that Aryan would know that it was HUMPTY.

When I re-read all my posts ,I realized that I have already started forgetting so much, like how did Aryan expressed his happiness when he was 10 months old and how has his expressions of love have changed from then to now.

I got nostalgic reading how he learnt to play with Papa and to trouble Mumma in the most innovative ways.

I recalled how I got emotional and even wrote a letter to my baby , who may read it some day and laugh and his old emotional Mumma. But anything for this sweet smile , sweetheart.

The blog world enabled me to write certain things which I may not have recorded otherwise. Thanks to the blogger that I will be able to tell my son , when he learnt to say his name.

Today, I feel it has been a wonderful experience to write and read all over again these 100 posts and that I would love to read them again every year and remember every tiny detail of my little one's growing up and learning new things.

And yes , HAPPY 21st Monthesary to ARYAN !!!!

Where is Mumma ?

Scene : Sunday,10 PM at night, Aryan and Mumma in bedroom.Aryan reading his favourite Animal book.
Mumma : Where is Dog ?
Aryan lays finger on dog.
Mumma : Cat ?
Aryan lays finger on cat.
Mumma : Elephant ?
Aryan lays finger on Bear.
Mumma : Thats Bear. Elephant ?
Aryan points at Elephant.
Mumma : Where is Mumma ?
Aryan confused. Looks all around. In the book as well as on the roof.Towards the door too. Could not find Mumma.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chef in making - Part 2

I am sure you remember the Chef in making post. He reassures that he will not let me down and will become the chef (Master of cooking as Chubbocks said!!) some day.

2-3 days back in the evening, when my cook came, Aryan was playing with the pressure cookers and Kadai in the living room (Control ..there is more to laugh!!!) and so I asked him to give those to Uncle (cook) to make the food.

He obeyed me as the most obedient child in the world and went and gave all the vessels to the guy, one after the other.

But this is just half the story... He is obeying me every day since that day...To the extent that he picks and give everything needed for cooking to the cook. What if he needs one cooker and one pan ...we have 2 cookers and 2 pans...Why not use all??

The poor guy has to tell him, I need only one beta, but would our little chef listen. He will again attempt to give him another cooker, till Mumma drags him out of the kitchen.

NOW, On second thoughts I am planning to make pay cut for the cook to 75 %, since we already have a assistant to him...what do you think :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blow ..:-)

I never thought a kid can learn to blow nose in less than a minute , the same kid who hasn't learnt to blow air from mouth from over an year :-)

I thought blowing nose is an art too difficult for a 20 months old..silly me !

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Man to Take Care of Me

Yesterday night , Aryan and mumma were usually playing in bedroom , just before the bed time. And suddenly Aryan , points to the dressing table and and says something in gibberish. Confused Mumma doesnot know what is it all about. She asks Aryan , "What Beta , what do you want ?" Aryan immediately rushed towards Mumma places his finger on Mumma's forehead between her eyes and then again points towards dressing table.

Ohh..My Bindi fell off when I changed my night suit. I have another man to take care of me and tell me how I should be dressing up :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FAN is STAR or Vice Versa ???

Yesterday I wrote how Aryan asked me to switch on the fan.

It was then that I realized that he wants me to switch on the FAN. Oops ..since when indoors , the roof is the sky , the fan is a star.

The same happened yesterday evening in the lift when he pointed out the fan at the roof of the lift and said "TAR". And yes, he knows very well , what a star is and he can show you an actual one in the sky.

So in his imagination , FAN is same as STAR. He might be wondering there are thousands of fans in the sky and they are called stars. Interesting , isn't it ?

And yes , The ladybug is still an Apple.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Showing Off..

Like most kids Aryan loves to be noticed and appreciated when he is doing something new. These recent incidents are part of the same :

These days when my Papa or my mother in law calls and they wish to listen Aryan's voice , Aryan makes sure that he will not talk. Instead , he makes some happy sounds in low tone and rush around the house , and sit on from one toy to another or starts playing with kitchen utensils. But when you, take the phone away to talk , he will start crying. I have been wondering , what is that all about. By observing him closely for sometime , I figuured out that he does /plays the newest thing he has learnt. So he basically shows it off to them ..ON PHONE :-P

Yesterday I went to office , though it was a holiday. So Anupam and Aryan had a blast at home. When I was back, Anupam was telling me about how well Aryan could play with his new blocks and how quickly he was learning. While we were talk , Aryan was busy else where doing something. Soon he came running and started playing with the new blocks and after few seconds he looked at me for appreciation. I clapped and said "Very Good" and you should see the twinkle in his eyes and the sense of achievement :-)

Anupam's conclusion was , you can make this guy do anything with little encouragement. I hope this continues :-)

Twinkle Twinkle Little TAR...

Yesterday I was singing to him rhymes with all the actions, in our bedroom. Suddenly when I was half way with "Twinkle Twinkle" , he started shouting "TAR" "TAR". Thats how he says when he sees a STAR. Initially I thought he is immitating me. But the shout continued ,"TAR TAR".

I asked him , "What Beta, You want to go out to see star?" He continued :"Tar".

I thought I would pick him up and show him the stars , if any from the balcony and so I got up and switched on the lights. He was happy to see me get up and switching on lights , but as soon as he saw me coming back to the bed he started crying , pointing at roof and saying "TAR".

It was then that I realized that he wants me to switch on the FAN. Oops ..since when indoors , the roof is the sky , the fan is a star. What a concept :-)

I switched on the fan and moved on to telling him how to pronounce "FAN" , no luck though :-)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Aryan Talks

What does he do when he sees a cow on the road ?
Exclaims : "AAAAOOOO"

What does he do when he sees someone coming in the corridor ( common area) of the apartment ?
Smiles to the max and say : "HIII"

What does he do when he sees someone going away from the corridor ( common area) of the apartment ?
Waves and say : "Bye"

What does he do when he sees a bird from the car ?
Points and tell me : "Ciiiya" (Please read as Chiya) and says "Gayaa" when its out of sight.

What did he do today when he saw our house maid ?
Smiles and say to me : "Tyty" (please read as AUNTY)

What does he do when we go to terrace on weekends in the evenings ?
Asks me to carry him , so that he can see the airplanes (we live close to airport and in peak hour planes can be seen every 5-10 mins).

What does he do when he sees a plane ?
Points and smile and watches till its seen and says "Gayaa" when its out of sight.

What does he do when there is no plane for 5 mins?
Hits Mumma and shouts.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

How ?

How does he know that today is a Saturday and Mumma wants to sleep till 8.00 am , but I will miss 1 hour of play if I do not get up at 7.00.

How does he know that today is Monday Morning and Mumma is already running late and I should sleep till 8.00 am or more.

How does he know that today Mumma is too tired and I should play till 12.00 at night.

How does he know that today Mumma has a meeting and she wishes to reach office sharp at 9.00 and I should demand to sit for potty when they are about to lock the door.