Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How he talks !

These days its lovely to see Aryan talking. Especially the way he asks questions is very very cute. I cannot do justice to how I feel since I cannot put the voice modulation and the expressions on his face in writing but he looks just so adorable.

And most of the times he asks questions as if he is Mumma or Papa and we are Aryan. For example , when we finish eating or drinking , he comes and asks , "Aur Chachiye ? Mumma Aur Chachiye ?".When we get ready in the morning , he asks, "Chale ? Paati paas Chale ?". When I wear a party wear he comes and exclaims "Mumma New Dress !". When he wears a good dress (outside wear kinds , not so old dress) he exclaims , "New Dress!" and go and admire his ownself in front of all the mirrors , and then comes and tells "Aryan Office!" or "Mumma Chalo , Chalein". When I cook something that he likes he tells me "Yummy!" and when he feeds me he asks me "Yummy?". When Anupam or I change the position of his toy car or engine , he gets offended and says "My This".

There is lot more but I just cannot recall, so let it be just this , before I forget :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Naughty little Monkey

What would you do when a friend (Husband's college friend) visits you after 3 years to stay over for a night. And when he gets to meet your 2.5 years old first time. And when your son behaves the way he does.

Okay I see a curious question mark on your face :-)

Aryan gave a warm welcome to his Chachu (husband's close friend). Showed him each and every toy , so much so that the guy would have almost felt tortured. Then opened the only unopened carton after the shifting which has got some useless miscellenous stuff. And grabbed a book on Pregnancy Q & A and gifted the same to Chachu :-P

Thats not all !

After Chachu finished tea and got up , he gave a big smile and said "Chachu Bye!!". Now remember I told you that he came for night stay :-P

But even thats not all !

So Chachu tells Aryan that he is here to stay but Aryan did not give in and said "Chachu Bye!!" soon after dinner. This time Chachu says bye to test his reaction and got ready to go for a walk with Anupam. So Aryan goes to the lift to say bye to them , shows him the lift and says "Idhar, Bahar" (From here , Out). This time chachu finally comments "Mujhe bhej ke hi manega" (He will relax only after sending me) :-P

But even thats not all !

So after they came back from walk they told Aryan and Mumma to sleep. You know private talks between friends ..yeah about old girl friends ;-) ..hehheh. So anyways mumma tried hard to take Aryan away from chachu , but he did not give in. So Chachu pretended that even he is going to sleep.

Now the ultimate one !

Aryan tells chachu , "Chachu susu jao"

On a seperate note though , Aryan really enjoyed his time with Chachu and it was the first time he became so friendly with someone so soon. And that too when Chachu was not behaving like a kid and playing with him. He wanted to spend time chatting with us while Aryan wanted all his attention. And I should have clicked some pics :-(

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Ghar and Aryan

We shifted house on 29th of December. Rented ofcourse , close by to Anupam's office and Aryan's day care. So the new year eve was celebrated with settling down in new home !

Now if you wonder why does this post come on Aryan's blog. I will tell you why. Because this post talks just about him.

We decided to shift , for him , his day care will be closeby and that gives him more time with us at home and reduce his travel time. Plus I wanted outdoor play area for Aryan , which I think is his need at this age.

I was apprehensive about shifting house , for him , coz I wondered how will he react to the change.

We shifted on a weekday for him , coz I did not want him around with all the packing and lifting going on. So he was left at day care.

Now about his reactions :)

After the shifting done , we decided to pick him up from day care and recheck the old house before giving away the keys. We had also asked his day care person to mentor him about the change during the day and I did the same in the car.

So when we reached the old house , he ran around the empty house , looking for his precious possessions. He shouted ..."Papa , Engine ??? , Papa , PACHING PACHINE(to be read as washing machine) ?????? " and so on. With the discovery of each lost item , he looked more amused , angry and surprised. And to each question we told him , its all in "new ghar".

So finally when he found nothing in the house except 2 lost fridge magnets , he collected those and we went to the old landlord to hand over the keys.

He was cranky at their place and wanted to go to new ghar as soon as possible.

So we went to his new ghar. As soon he entered the house he checked his engine , then washing machine , then cycle and then rest of the toys.

Then he ran over the fresh bedsheet on our bed (with shoes on!!) and said "WOW".

That made our day , both of us felt such sense of relief that moment.

But that was not all. Next day he did not want to go to day care and said that he wants to stay in new ghar. I do not know if that was excitement of new house or the fact that he understood that house was shifted in his absence.

Anyways we left him in day care and he came back all excited in the evening about the house. I took him down for cycling and swings and he played and played and played and never wanted to come back. Finally I had to literally drag him back home at 7.30 PM due to mosquitos.

So this excitement has continued till now so much so that he did not sleep for a minute yesterday, perhaps he still thinks that this new ghar is for few days or so.

I just hope that he continues to like new ghar , but this excitement mellows down a little so that he sleeps over the weekend and I get some time to arrange my stuff :-)

P.S. : Wishing you a very Happy New Year !!