Thursday, April 21, 2011

1 - 1 = ?

We are going to visit both set of grandparents after an year now and obviously Aryan is super excited ever since I started preparing. And I usually start preparing 1 weekend in advance. So since Saturday he knows that we will go on vacation on coming friday.

And every evening he is counting how many days left for 10 days of vacation on his fingers. So I tell him , 5 fingers minus 1 ..whats left and he will tell 4 and so on

This morning I was trying wake him up and he was being lazy. So I played smart and asked , Aryan after we go today , 1 minus 1 what will be left ??? My idea was to excite him and wake him up.

The reply was "TEN" , followed by a sweet smile while the eyes were still closed.

Bad maths ..nope ..the smile told ..1-1 was 10 days holidays maths :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby and related questions :)

These days questions, statements and queries crop up without mumma having enough time to prepare answers. Now you ask if it was better earlier and I say yeah the questions were bit more managable.

Witness these :

"Mumma mujhe chota ho kar aapke tummy ke hole(naval) se, andar jana hai aur baby se mil ke aana hai."


Taking a candy out of his mouth , almost placing it on my tummy .."Mumma mujhe baby ko choclate dena hai" ,

So I said baby cannot have choclate , baby will have only milk till he is little old.

Aryan : "Milk , joh uncle laate hai"

Mumma : "No Aryan"

Aryan : "Then"

Mumma : "Jab aap baby the, toh kahan se milk peete the"

Viola , he points to the right place!!

Aryan : "Baby yahan se milk piyega"

Mumma : "Haan"

Aryan : "Yahan se milk aayega , ganda ya saaf"

Mumma : "Saaf :P"


One day after play time , when he did not get anyone to play with, he comes and tells :"Mumma jaldi baby nikalo"

And we had a long session explaining that baby will not be a playmate.


One fine day , "mumma we will have girl baby or boy"

Me : "What do you want Aryan"

Aryan : "Both, mujhe 2 baby chahiye"

You can see a freaking papa in the background :D

Mumma : "No aryan"

Aryan : wailing "No , I want 2"

Mumma : "yes yes , we will have 2 , your mami will get you one in may and mumma will get you one"

Aryan : "okay"

Phew !


Monday, April 18, 2011

Was it you ?

Early in the morening yesterday when I was still lazy in my bed , I felt a slight slap inside of my tummy. My instant thought was YOU. And then I thought it cannot be , since its only 16 weeks.

In most cases quickening is felt only after 19 weeks. I felt your brother in 19th week.

But then it happened again , around 11 am. And this time I googled. I figured out that some women do feel it in 16th weeks too and since its second time, I can expect it sooner. Then I almost got convinced that it was YOU.

Your excited papa started thinking names for you since that moment.

And I have been waiting since then baby , please knock me again baby.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mumma ko daanto

Saturday Morning :

Aryan : "Mumma aaj hum kahan jayenge"
Mumma : "Shopping"
Aryan : "Kya laana hai"
Mumma : "Mumma ki dress"
Aryan : "Aur meri"
Mumma : "Aapki last week laye na"
Aryan : "Aur baby ki"
Mumma : "Jab baby aayega tab"

Post shopping on phone with Nanu :

"Nanu Mumma ne apna dress laya , mera nahi , Mumma ko daanto"

After the daant :

"Nanu , Mumma ke tummy mein ek baby hai na , uska dress bhi nahi laaya , mumma ko daanto"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mumma ka gussa

One of these days , he said something and I shouted at him. So he walked slowly near me and rubbed his hands on the creases on my forhead. Then he smiled and said , " main aapka gussa thik kar raha hoon"

Needless to say I just forgot what I was angry about and I still don't remember :-)

How do these kids manage to be so lovable ??