Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Growing up and talking

These days he constantly suprises me with his logic and understanding of language and

relations.Some random incidents :

Aryan was teasing me , calling me "You not Mumma , you Papa"
So I tried to tease back , "You are not Aryan , You are Anirudh"
Aryan : Giggles "I not Anirudh , I Aryan"
Me : "You Anirudh"
Aryan : "Ok , I Anirudh , You Taiji"

I smiled and thought , wow , Anirudh's mom is his taiji , so if he is Anirudh , I should be taiji



He feels scared of fogging sound and smoke which they do it reqularly for mosquitoes in the

apartment complex. Now he is slowly getting over his fear.

The other day he tells me after he hears the fogging sound, "Mumma I am not scared of Smoke"
Me : "Yes , I know that you are a brave boy"
Aryan : "Okay" pause for 2 seconds "Thank You !"

Wow , he realized that he was complimented!

He is not much interested in TV. TV is for Papa and rarely for Mumma and never for him. So he doesnot care whatever we watch though we are usually careful. One day we saw him glued to TV , standing very near to the box.

Husband : "Aryan .... Aryan ... Aryan" , "Aryan , come behind and see"
No response
Me : "Aryan ...what happened"
Aryan turns with a concerned sad look on his face , "Mumma sab roh kyo rahe hai ?"

He was concerned about why all the characters on the TV are crying.


One day , "Mumma , I got hurt"
Me : "Where?"
Aryan : "Thumbkin mein, Mere blood ho gaya"
There was no blood , I kissed his thumbkin and it was all right.

But where did he learn about Blood ???

Yesterday I asked him to get me water.
He comes back after 5 minutes and tells me , "Mumma no glass"
And he is holding a small bowl full of water.

It was another blessed moment for me , he got me water anyway , even if he could not find a glass :-)

Yesterday we got a star for Christmas as Aryan wanted to hang one , seeing at so many stars in the apartment.
So when we came home he told Anupam to hang the star and Anupam told him that he is busy with something and Mumma will do.

He tells his papa , "No papa , aap lagao , aap bade ho na , mumma choti hai "


Anyhow , his dad waved it off and Mumma stood on stool to hang the star, but could not reach the destination. So he runs and drags a chair that was higher than the stool and tells me to use that :-) :-)

Finally though papa hang the star over a bulb. And he was delighted to see the light through the star.

After sometime Aryan tells me ,"Mumma light band kar do , star hot ho jayega."

Now , how does he know that it will get hot from light.


Small incidents though ..make me reliaze how fast he is growing up :-)

Doctor ke jaye ?

Yesterday night I had terrible head ache. I was reading a story to Aryan but the animation was missing. Needless to say Aryan was disappointed and told me , loudly sunao. So I told him I have head ache.

To which he asked me "lag gai ? , kahan ?".
I pointed at my forhead.
He got up and rushed towards the almira , "Main cream laata hoon"
(Cream = Body lotion/Boro Plus that I use to sooth his mosquito bites / scratches)
I told him "Nahi Aryan , no cream"
He then comes and presses my forhead with his hand and says "Thik ho gayi ??? , Doctor ke jaye ?"
I just smiled :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

You-my-friend ?

These days Aryan is fully into the concept of friends and no friends. So if he is angry with you , he will make a sad face and say "I not your Friend" and then he would expect you to patch up.

And when I get angry , he will try to patch up by making funny faces , kissing hugging etc and asking every 2 minutes "You-my-Friend ?" , to which I would say "No" , he would reply "I your friend" and will continue his patch up till I say "Yes , I your Friend". In reply to which he will hold the corners of my lips and pull them apart and say "Smile"

It seems that this talk is going in daycare and school too. The other day I heard the maid in daycare asking him "Aryan which Aunty is friend" and he replied "Bhagya Aunty" , that was the name of the lady.

And yesterday night I was asking him about kids in school and he told me , "S said , I not your friend" , "M said I your Friend" and so on ..

So next time you visit our place , expect the question , "you-my-friend ?"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annual Sports Day

Aryan had his first sports day at school on 4th December. The theme of the event was Christmas ! He participated in a race called Starry Night , where the kids needed to pick up 2 cardboard stars on the way and reach to the finishing line. Aryan fared well , just that he forgot to run for few seconds in between :-)

"Peeping Through"


"Can you spot him"

There was a parent's and teachers race as well. Cutest thing was to see the little ones running and trying to do their best. Teachers were so caring for the kids.

Snacks was served to the kids and Aryan told that he had "cake, banana and mirchi wala juice" !
(Later I came to know that it was lemonade!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip to ice cream parlour

Aryan loves ice cream..yeah who doen't ..but these days its kind of mania ..he wants ice cream whenever we go out. So when I read on his monthly synopsis that they will take them to ice cream parlour I was so excited at the thought of it. I waited for the day for so long , but to my bad luck he got fever just a week before the trip and his dad almost decided that we will not send him to school on the D day.

But thankfully he improved and the dad got convinced that 1 scoop of ice cream is okay. So yesterday , I told him that ma'am will take him for ice cream today and he was so excited. Then I told him that if ma'am ask what ice cream you want , tell her you want "Vanilla". He could not pronounce "Vanilla" properly and so I told him that tell her that you want "white ice cream"

Updates after the school :

Me : "Aryan ice cream khane gaye the"
Aryan : With a big smile , "haan"
Me : "Kaun sa ice cream khaya"
Aryan : "strawbery , pink wala"
Me : "Wow" , pretending to cry , "meri ice cream kahan hai , mujhe bhi khana hai, pink wala"
Aryan : With a Mumma kind of pacifying look and a happy smile ,"aapko khana hai ,layenge aapke liye , chutti mein, okay ?"
Me : "promise ?"
Aryan : "yes , promise" , shakes hand
After some time ..
Aryan : with a sad face , "Mumma ma'am ne white ice cream nahi diya"