Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip to ice cream parlour

Aryan loves ice cream..yeah who doen't ..but these days its kind of mania ..he wants ice cream whenever we go out. So when I read on his monthly synopsis that they will take them to ice cream parlour I was so excited at the thought of it. I waited for the day for so long , but to my bad luck he got fever just a week before the trip and his dad almost decided that we will not send him to school on the D day.

But thankfully he improved and the dad got convinced that 1 scoop of ice cream is okay. So yesterday , I told him that ma'am will take him for ice cream today and he was so excited. Then I told him that if ma'am ask what ice cream you want , tell her you want "Vanilla". He could not pronounce "Vanilla" properly and so I told him that tell her that you want "white ice cream"

Updates after the school :

Me : "Aryan ice cream khane gaye the"
Aryan : With a big smile , "haan"
Me : "Kaun sa ice cream khaya"
Aryan : "strawbery , pink wala"
Me : "Wow" , pretending to cry , "meri ice cream kahan hai , mujhe bhi khana hai, pink wala"
Aryan : With a Mumma kind of pacifying look and a happy smile ,"aapko khana hai ,layenge aapke liye , chutti mein, okay ?"
Me : "promise ?"
Aryan : "yes , promise" , shakes hand
After some time ..
Aryan : with a sad face , "Mumma ma'am ne white ice cream nahi diya"


Jyoti said...

so sweet of him.... he remembered Mumma's advice...........

MindfulMeanderer said...

LOL .. lil p will go on 3rd for her icecream day!!! awwww VH , marathahalli is always 1 step ahead of HSR!!! any idea what this sense-sational day is all about??

Life Begins said...

Hahahaha...that was soooo sweeeeet... lovely kid you have :)

Now i want an ice cream too...white wali :)

Swaram said...

Oh he is so warm and caring :) His school is nice na :)

Monika,Ansh said...

awww.....do give him the white one too

Uma said...

Oh good, you get ice cream - I sometimes get advice, a taste of my own medicine :)

Aryan said...

His school is so nice....

PG said...

very sweet! a cutie pie!