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Confident to Over-confident

Last year when Aryan went for the first time in apartment's splash pool , he slipped in the water and water got into his tummy. As a result he vomitted and got scared of swimming pool.

Since that day , we kept on encouraging him to step into the pool,but did not succeed until last week. After and year or so, last week he stepped into the splash pool and then into the bigger pool (kids above 3 are allowed in the bigger pool under parent's supervision) and had a great time.

This weekend again he went to the bigger pool with his father. After splashing and playing for few minutes he tells his papa , "Papa aap ruko , main ek round leke aata hoon" (You wait here papa , I will go and swim a lap)

Anupam and I could not help laughing for minutes when he told me this. My little prince took little time from becoming confident to over-confident :-)

Anti-Jinx..Kala tika ..touchwood


Yesterday he was watching a cd on laptop , while I was sitting near by. So he slipped himself in my lap while he continued watching cd. So I asked :

"Aap mumma ki godi mein kyoooo baithe ho ?"

Aryan : Kyooki mujhe baithna haiiii"

Me : "Kyo baithna haiiiiii"

Aryan : "Kyoooki mujhe achaaaa lagta haiiiii"

Me : "Kyoo acha lagta haiiii"

Aryan "Kyoooooki mujhe mumma acha lagta haiiii"

The extra "i" and "o" are to indicate that the talk happened in quite a musical way :-)