Monday, April 21, 2008

Where is Mumma ?

Scene : Sunday,10 PM at night, Aryan and Mumma in bedroom.Aryan reading his favourite Animal book.
Mumma : Where is Dog ?
Aryan lays finger on dog.
Mumma : Cat ?
Aryan lays finger on cat.
Mumma : Elephant ?
Aryan lays finger on Bear.
Mumma : Thats Bear. Elephant ?
Aryan points at Elephant.
Mumma : Where is Mumma ?
Aryan confused. Looks all around. In the book as well as on the roof.Towards the door too. Could not find Mumma.


~nm said...

Hahahaha!! Too good!!

Aryan said...

Hhaaaaa..I think he was expecting Mama in the book...draw picture similar to you and show him....he will recognise..

Mama - Mia said...

hahaha!! :)

thats cho cute!!!

seriously!! i am dying meet aryan now!! lets catch up!! :)


PG said...

Too cute! Had a good laugh reading this! I think I have witnessed such situations with Rishab as well. :)

Ceruleus said...

how cyooot!

Rakiii said...


that was v.funny!,

gud one!