Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me not allowed to be angry :(

These days Aryan can be a brat. Can do anything he wants. But I cannot be angry. Forget angry , I cannot even show my displeasure in casual way too. Because the moment I say , "Aryan why did you do so ?" or "Aryan see what you have done ?" or "Aryan you should not be doing this " or "Aryan say sorry" or I just keep quiet or I don't smile at him , there is a big hungama. He cries and makes whole lot of fuss saying "Mumma gussa ho gayi" and that goes on and on till I give up and pamper him and show him in all possible ways that "Mumma gussa nahi hai" GRRR....

On a seperate note : The role play went fine I guess. All I got to know was :

"Aryan horse bana tha" , "Mummy wala mask" , "maza aaya", "X duck bana tha" , "Maam camera photo"
and the mask was missing from the bag though tail came back intact in bag.


Mama - Mia said...

oh he did role play! how cool?! :)

and and Cubby seems to be going throw "i can get upset but not you" kinda phase too!

no! actually he is in i will smile and get away with anything phase! hehe!


Swaram said...

Ha ha .. I njoy Aryan-talk :P

Hw well he hs reported to u abt the role-play :)

Pics plsss :)

Monika,Ansh said...

He has not learnt abt "Katti" & "abba" as yet?
Ansh does "Katti" with his little finger if I get angry over anything with him.

The role play sounds so cute :)

Neelum said...

oh....this happens in every house i son also tells me in advance not to scold him or raise y voice for something that he knows is wrong...he tells me 'mumma it's ok....don't be angry...mumma don't shout mumma...'
it drives me crazy, but the next moment we're sharing a big hug !!!

mnamma said...

Do post pics of Aryan in the horse outfit Swati. The mask looks real good. And don't you dare to get angry at his highness ;)

Swati said...

@Mama Mia : Yeah but then I can do anything for cubby's smile :)

@Swaram : :-) , if only i had the pics :)

@Monika : Thats so cute !

Swati said...

@Neelum :Hahaha ..cute !

@mnamma : I dont have pics , I did not make him wear the mask in the morning thinking that it will not reach school then :-P And it did not come back :(