Thursday, August 27, 2009

What happened when ..

..The Swine Scare hit all of us?

  • Schools and daycares got closed for a week
  • Mumma stayed at home (WFH) since Aryan needed someone around
  • After 2 days Aryan got pissed of in house arrest & got bored of his toys
  • And so Mumma decided to get crafty
  • And scratched her head and digged all the scrap
  • Thankfully we had left over birthday supplies at home

First one was this clown , the ball an ignored toy for 3 years , the eyes and nose were choclate wrappers, the mouth was cut from a torn face mask ..and cap know that !

Aryan went in total crafty mood after the clown. For the first time ever he loved an organized activity , thanks to school or his boredom !! So he wanted to do more !

Then came the Octopus , mumma found it over the web long long back and the idea was stored in the hard disc on mumma's head. All we needed was a metal hanger some crepe paper strips and an old gift wrapper , used the reverse for eyes and mouth :P

As we were done with the octopus , he wanted to make all the animals he knew , so we made the fish next !! Looks horrible , but you know Mumma cannot be all that crafty in a single day and ofcourse mumma collected supplies for 2 crafts only and this was on the spot !!

After fish he wanted lion , doggie , girraffe and what not ..pacified him somehow.
The next day we made a necklace and he wanted to wear it to school like M (a girl in his class) :-P

P.S : All the ideas were inspired from here and there and so I owe no copyright on ideas.


Swaram said...

Hey! Brilliant! N the fish looks gr8 too :) So, did he wear the necklace to school ;)

Shruti said...

lovely ideas swati! :) i loved the octopus n the joker..Lil P n me made the pasta necklace too! :) fun when u do stuff with children na??

~nm said...

Lovely craft work. God job Mumma and thanks to Aryan for invoking this creativity in you :)

BTW, how did you make the necklace?

~nm said...

Ohh..I just saw..its pasta necklace :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely. Mumma is a crafty lady. :)

Shruti said...

A small token of appreciation for you! Please pick it up from

Neelum said...

wow that's some amazing craft work you both did !!!
I too am in craft mode, since I have not been sending my son to school due to some cases of H1N1 there. so friday is designated for craft (just like in school); last week we made a building, it became papa's office, then next day onwards it was our condo !!!
I am going to try that fish is simple and stunning !!

Imp's Mom said...

Wow! that is simply brilliant. loved all of them!

Swati said...

@Swaram : LOL Swaram he wants to wear jacket like S , neclace like M , Shoes like A ..and all of them are girls and I have not seen what they wear :P

@Shruti : Yeah its fun..but he doesnot have the patience worked that day for he was too bored i guess

Swati said...

@ ~nm : Ahh..these taiji's creativity is also attributed to Aryan :O

Swati said...

@Monika&Ansh : Not really ..sometimes the crafty bug bites :-P

Swati said...

@Shruthi : Many thanks dear !

@Neelum : when do we get to see the building ?

Swati said...

@Imp : Thanks

me said...

Nice ideas.... I am getting prepared for future days :)

Good Job done....

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!!!! :)

and i esp love the fish! good job! :D


Aryan said...

Fish looks great are a rocking star mom...hats off to you