Monday, April 13, 2009

Snippets From Aryan's World

Scene : We were almost about to doze off.
Aryan : "Diaper nahi pehnana kya ?"

Aryan : "Aapko dress change karna hai"
Me : "Nahi"
Aryan : "Aapko dress change karna haiii"
Me : "Nahi Beta ..kyo ?"
Aryan : "Mumma Aapko dress change karna haiii" (showing his wet arm) "Gili hai"
Mumma : "Ohh aapko dress change karna hai!!!"

And then we go :

"Bolo , mujhe dress change karna hai"
"I want to change dress"

This Aapko = Mujhe has been driving me nuts these days :-)


Scene : Aryan sees Papa taking shower

Aryan : "Papa Rain Rain Nahiya"
("Papa taking bath in Rain Rain")

Anupam : "Why do you teach him wrong things ?? can't you say shower"

Me : "I never told him , its his logical interpetation."


~nm said...

hahaha..sooo cute.

Monika said...

ha ha so cute specially the diaper one ;-)

Swaram said...

Very cute; diaper one is simply the best :)

Mama - Mia said...

thats totally totally cute and cheeky!!! :)

me like the rain bit! :D



Monika,Ansh said...

Lol.....too cute

Anchal said...

He's shhoo cute! Nd his logical interpretation is awesome! ;-)