Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talking about the Baby

A post from my drafts :

On 1-mar-2011  at a restaurant :

Aryan : "Mummmaaa, aapne baby ke upar khana daal diya"
Me : "No Aryan , don't worry , baby ke upar nahi daala"
Aryan : "Baby tummy mein hai na"
Me : "Baby doosre packet mein hai , food dusre"
Aryan : "Papa ???"
Papa : "haan aryan baby ka box alag hai, dont worry"
Aryan : "okay"


Next day at night , when he was lying next to me and moving his legs up and down quite fast.

Me : "Aryan aaise leg mat chalo , baby ke lag jayegi."
Aryan :" Main right leg hila raha hoon , baby ke nahi lagegi , main careful hoon."
Aryan :" Mumma jis packet mein baby hai uska naam kya hai"
Me : "Uterus"
Aryan : "ok"
Aryan : "Aapke paas baby diaper hai "
Me : "Nahi , jab baby aayega tab layenge"
Me : "Aryan , who will clean baby potty"
Aryan :" aap"
Me :" okay , and baby ko khana kaun khilayega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "acha , aur baby ko paaru kaun karega "
Aryan : "aap"
Me : "arre , aap paaru bhi nahi karoge , then aap kya karoge"
Aryan : *giggles* "main baby ko apne toys doonga , roz one toy" *giggles*
Me : "Aur Paaru"
Aryan : "ummm..okay ..main paaru karoonga , main abhi paaru kaaroon"
And gently starts moving his hand on my tummy.
"main softly kar raha hoon"
And then he wanted to see my tummy , to see the baby :)


Aryan : "Mumma hum hema baby layenge ya Krish baby ?"
Mumma : "It will be Aryan's baby"
Aryan : "Hema or Krish"
Mumma : "You mean Boy or Girl ?"
Aryan : "haan"
Mumma : "Mujhe nahi pata Aryan , bhagwan ji jo baby denge wohi layenge"
Aryan : "Aap bhagwan ji se pooch lo na"
Mumma : "Aap pooch lo Aryan , aap bol do bhagwan ji ko aapko kaun sa baby chahiye"
Aryan :  Goes to a ganesha calender and comes back , "Mumma maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe Hema baby chahiye ,okay"

Okay Beta , Amen !


Life Begins said...

Ole baba...what a cute little and ofcourse smart boy you have there. soooo sweet. God Bless...
Enjoy these lovely moments.. :)

softypinkngloriousred said...

Awwww :)Touchwood!!
Amen to Hema baby :)

Swaram said...

Awww amen that indeed :)
So so sweet of the big brother :)

Swati said...

Thank you all and Amen indeed !