Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All our talks end with a "why"

Aryan so jao
Kyo ?
Raat ho gayi
Kyo ?
Sun chala gaya na isliye
Kyo ?
Ummm..kyunki sun ko aur logo ko bhi light deni hai na is liye
Kyo ?
Aryan , keep quiet and sleep
Kyo ?


Aryan I am angry with you
why ?
Because you don't listen to me
why ?
Because you are behaving as bad boy
why ?

Aryan breakfast kar lo
kyo ?
Nahi toh school mein bhook lagegi
Kyo ?
Kyunki aap breakfast nahi kar rahe
Kyo ?

Aryan I love you
why ?
Because you are so lovable
why ?
Because you are my jaan
why ?


~nm said...

Hahaha...toooooooooo cute!!

MindfulMeanderer said...

LOL! i think their why is an expression not a question!!.. Its like how our husbands start saying ok when we talk to them.

Monika said...

ha ha ha

here its the I dont know phase... everything u ask or do is answered by "I dont know"

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha .. sounds so cute :P
I am on Aryan's side .. so find it really cute ;)

Mama - Mia said...

oh! sounds like Cub's K phase!! am sure it drives you crazzy! :D


Swati said...

@~nm :)

@MM : Perhaps you are right :)

@Monika : Ohh we had that phase too , and a "what" phase , where everything was answered by "what ?" . That time i was seriously worried about his listening abilities :)

Swati said...

@Swaram : ahh..i did not expect this from you can you leave my side

@Abha : Thanks Abha for being on my side , it drives me nuts

Hershey Desai said...

I have a plan for when my kid reaches this phase...
Videotape it.
And when I am old and senile, and I ask why over and over for things, if the kid loses patience, I will just show the video and explain that I answered him patiently decades ago, now its my turn :P

Honestly though, kids want to question everything, but here it seems like he is just doing it for fun. Try confirming with daddy dearest, maybe he put the kid up to it?
Usually when the kid acts funny, mummy dearest always finds daddy to be the first suspect.

PG said...

Yes, i remember this phase clearly with Rishab. I think I wrote such blog posts about Rishab as well. Luckily this phase is oer. I remember sometimes feeling helpless against his whys. :-D