Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Tit-Bits

** Aryan's another short term goal is to count mumma's hair and may be pull them all out.

** Aryan crawls on his tummy and my friend (Renu) has drecribed the movement as that of a soldier moving in trenches.

** His latest favourite pass time is a swing.He can sit there for an hour.

** He loves to sit in front of kitchen and learn to make chapatis from our cook.

** He gives a 180 degree smile to our maid and tells her something every morning , which she still haven't understood.She would ask him every day "Kya Dekhta hai" and "Kya Keh raha hai".

** He is learning to play spider (cards game) at computer with dadi from past few months.

** Yellow and Red are his favourite colours and by chance the curtains at home have that combination.So probably he wants me to make him a shirt from one of the curtain.He would try to pull the curtain behind our bed everyday.Same is the case with my yellow suit.When I wear the same , he would hardly look at me , but only the suit.

** Chasing his blue ball is another favourite activity these days.He would crawl to the ball and touches it and it rolls further and so on.


~nm said...

Probably the love for red color is genetic! And so does playing with ball :P

Anchal said...

Hmmm... All the Best Dear for ur Mission!!
Hope u manage to count Mumma's hair soon. Nd do give me the great news when u r finished doing it.. Okay
We'll have a party!!!
Love you...