Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Code word conversation

A code word conversation between Mumma and Her baby , before each sleep.

Baby : "uhh ?"
Mumma : "uuuh."
Baby :"uuh :)"
Mumma : "uuuh :)"
Baby : "uh" (...with force)
Mumma : "uh" (...with force)
Baby : "hay hay" (laugh)
Mumma : "hay hay" (laugh)
Mumma : "Bus beta jao."
Baby : "uuh."

Baby sleeps happily.


~nm said...

Reading it brought such a contented kind of smile on my face!

Very sweet indeed!

WhatsInAName said...

"hay hay"
"so sweet"


Swati said...

NM and WIAN .. thanks :-)

Suki said...

awww... that's such a beautiful ritual to have with your baby!