Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chiyya Tutu

Mumma : "Aaj Aryan ne ka kiya?"

Mumma : "Masti ki"

Aryan Nods

Mumma : "Aadi aaya tha, Aur X aur Y"

Aryan Nods along.

Mumma :"Aur Aryan ne kya kiya?"

Aryan : "Chiyya" ,"Tutu"

Points at his chin.

Next day Mumma confirmed with the day care people , that Aryan broke a bird and got hurt under his chin. So that was Aryan's and Mumma's first conversation about the day at daycare.


Mama - Mia said...

how do mommies understand what the kids are saying??


Noodlehead said...

wow! congrats :) here's to many more such conversations!

PG said...

So, you had understood what he said. I know, it feels so good when they start to communicate with you like this. Love to him.

PG said...

BTW, Mamma-mia, the only way to solve the riddle is to beocme one mom yourself!