Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make your guess !

When he is overwhelmed with love for Mumma , he calls her "Mummmyyyyyy"

Now guess what is papa called when he is overwhelmed with love for papa ?


Mama - Mia said...

oh yaar! apne har post mein humse kaam karwaati ho tum!

nahi guess karti! jao!




ps: it means i couldnt come up with something imaginative enuff! ;)

Swaram said...

Oh! These are the best of any puzzles I have solved - real life ones. Hope its not Pappyyyyyyy :P

Monika said...

when i read this post in reader paapppy is what came to my mind too and here i see swaram has said the same thing

but i agree with abha too ;-)

Monika said...

BTW tumne abhi trak last quiz ke answers bhi nahin batayein hain ;-)

Lijy said...

oyee... I am the winner of the last quiz huh?

prize kahan hai???

For this one... I used to call my dad Popsy when i maska marofied him for something.

So is Popsy by any chance..

Suma said...


paappppyyyyy? :D

Monika said...

u are tagged